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Fly High

January 19, 2013, 4:17 pm

why when i use E17 on my laptop, usb the sound very nice but when i use aux on my samsung galaxy s3 phone the sound seem poor abit? the song is same file's, but when i use my old E11 on my phone the sound good, really don't understand, is there any way can make the sound good on my sgs3 phone?, please helpp..

Fly High

January 20, 2013, 12:35 pm

who can helppp me ??

Daniel Nebdal

February 5, 2013, 2:56 pm

I don't know if I can help you much, but I can at least guess at why this happens: On USB, the E17 does the DA-conversion itself (going from digital sound to an analog signal). With the S3, the phone does that conversion, and then sends the output to the E17 - and then you're limited by the quality of the DAC in the phone.

It can sometimes help to play with the volume of the source: See if the sound quality is notable better/worse when the phone is set to a low or high volume.

You might also be able to connect it with a suitable USB cable (USB micro to USB B OTG/On the go), though the stock software of the S3 does apparently not support the E17. It does support the E7, though... (Apparently, it should work if you root your phone and install cyanogenmod - though that's its own can of worms. )



June 9, 2013, 9:59 pm

I use my E17 While flying from work site to site. I plug into the aircraft soundport and use a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900 Headphones. WOW!! This product makes the time "Fly" by. Love this product not only for the great sound but for the build quality also.


February 16, 2014, 3:39 am

I can't help it. We Americans can't leave 'well enough' alone. Its a disease known at the World Health Organization as 'Bloody Yank' Syndrome. Whattaya goin' to do?
I was FORCED to purchase my FIIO E17 when I went back to college on my GI Bill. I was perfectly happy listening to music on my iPhone 4S with my free iPlugs when I noticed all the little GEN Xers and GEN M types sporting HighEnd Headphones around their necks like fossilized Nazi Tiger Tank Commanders. Wanting to remain 'Low Drag/Hi Throughput', I bought a pair of Bose AOE2 so that I would fit in.
There I was, all HIPPER THAN THOU when I noticed a bunch of GEN M'ers in my Accounting 1A class sporting OUTBOARD Headphone Amps/DACs that I didn't have. Stricken GREEN WITH ENVY, I bolted out of the class and ordered the FIIO E17 in the hallway. Everything written about this little wanker is TRUE, it is a night & day improvement in sound quality over jacking in 'Au Natural' ,as you YABBOs are wont to say.
OK, So, I am sitting in my RACE READY '99 Madza Miata (I can't leave well enough alone, as I told you) and I am playing 80s POST PUNK Music Videos via my LINE OUT adapter to my Apline IDA X001 Receiver/Massive Audio NX5 amp. Then I started hearing voices with the radio off. It was SATAN whispering into my ear "I wonder what would happen if you patched your Fiio L10 cable (the 30 pin to 3.5mm mini) into the bottom of your Fiio E17 and the Alpine IDA X001's Line Out to the top of the headphone jack of the Fiio E17. I responded: I'd blow up the car? I'd short out the AMP? I'd cook all of the electronics and possibly start a fire? I'd blow a fuse. However, I'm an American, right? Birds gotta swim & fish gotta fry!!! I hooked the puppy up and is was STUNNING!!! The bass now has heft AT LOW VOLUME and the Treble now SIZZLES. The MIDS now totally suck, but hey, 2 out of 3 is what we Americans call 'Close Enough for Government Work'.
SERIOUSLY, you've GOT TO TRY THIS APPLICATION SANS HEADPHONES. Most car radio suck. Because car audio can never be truly 'HI-END', little though is given to the electronics of car radios. This adaptation just STEPS UP the game---it's like a $1,000.00 upgrade for the price a dinner & a movie for two with a six pack of hooch for you and that little HOOCHIE of yours. Or a night at the PUB, same difference. Who cares if my dash board now looks like the inside of a Boeing 767, now I have a sound system I can LIVE WITH---Thank You, Fiio!!!


March 6, 2014, 12:26 am

Accouting 1A? You better forget about music and focus. Good luck with college tiger.


January 13, 2016, 9:47 pm

i can pretty much guarantee you wearn't cool buying bose lol, i don't get it why don't new comers go to online forums and ask questions

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