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FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4
FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4

9 Pictures - FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4

  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4
  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4
  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4
  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4
  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4
  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4
  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4
  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4
  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4

Matthew Bunton

September 14, 2013, 10:10 am

The ball physics seem to have also improved in the 360 demo, as has the shooting.

I'm looking forward to playing this on the Xbox one it should be a great game.

Pinak Lonkar

September 16, 2013, 2:51 pm

1) I play Fifa 13 on PC but it's recently plagued with the arena bug (screen stuck in the arena right before the match starts) when playing online. I thus ordered Fifa 14 for the PS3 for a larger user base and HDTV experience.

2) I never understood why scrolling menus were used in 12 and 13. Remember the legendary Fifa 99? The menus were all on one page -- just like 14 -- and they were very easy to navigate through and yet creative. I am glad they're back in 14.

3) On world class level, I found it quite difficult to score and to defend against the AI. I also thought the AI was speed-cheating here and there with ultra fast dribbling. Not sure if I am right or I just suck at it!

4) I also found the defense line unusually just standing still frozen even when the mid-fielders are playing the ball in their areas, and then suddenly it feels like they have come to life. It not only looks funny but it also ruins the realism of the game. Every player on the field must show some movement is my opinion.

5) On a big screen TV, even if the game is 720p, the graphics look sharp and the game plays ultra smooth. Of course, this is a demo so we'll wait and see how the full game plays.

6) Commentary in my opinion is still not impressive. One bug they definitely fixed to a modest extent is that the commentator now returns to the subject that was being discussed, when something interrupted the commentary. I doubt the entire commentary has been loaded into the demo so I still have some hopes. I can stand Martin Tyler but NOT Smith.


September 17, 2013, 1:09 pm

The reviewer says the pace of the game is still too fast... well i have a seriously important point to raise... if you play using manual only controls, you would find the game balance is absolutely spot on... the issue with the game is too many people rely on ASSISTED controls... this allows the computer to make the correct pass, all you do it press the button at the correct time to facilitate it... if you played manual, you would realise the depth this game has and overall a far more satisfying experience (with practice)

Try it, you might just realise what manual players have known since fifa 08


November 27, 2013, 10:12 am

"Be a Pro and Interactive World Cup modes not carried over"
i'm sure i started the be a pro session last night?! In the career section.


April 29, 2014, 7:04 pm

Played both, hate the ps4 versions, the players are slow and lethargic, they turn like they are on a football pitch and the sluggish response to the through ball button is a disgrace. The AI of players is pretty bad to, especially when you chip a through ball to them.

The removal of 2 player co-op in FUT mode plus other missing parts mean this game loses a lot of appeal and essentially is a downgrade of the ps3 version.

In essence, next gen my arse.

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