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FIFA 13 Deals

By Stuart Andrews



January 29, 2013, 6:23 pm

i played this game fifa 13 , whoever designed this game is just steeling peoples money for nothing . seriously it is a time waste . i tried to keep the ball between my players legs for the whole 7 minutes half and it worked . just passing the ball between my defenders and midfielders in my half of the pitch and the other team doing nothing to extract it from me . it is like they are programmed to play only in there half . when i try to make an attack my players lose the ball in a very stupid and funny way , they just let it slip from their leg like we should buy that , and if i reached 80 minutes and winning , my players become the stupidest ever , they become very slow , they loss the ball control , and if i tried to make a long pass near to the side line the ball always go out from the nearest point although there are a very enough space between the player and the side line . and the most stupid thing , when i cut the ball from the attackers i need to steel it like 3 or 4 times just to extract it because every time it just go back to them or to out side and when the cut the ball from me it suddenly get very slow near the line so their player can take it easily . Unfortunately fifa designers are just trying to create a story and they do not create a real challenge . if you really want to win in this game you must forget that you play football , just pretend that you are playing some thing else , and tell your mind to get over any thing that does not make sense because this game is saturated with those kind of things , and do not activate hand ball because you will get so many penalties at so funny times . this game is a failure by all means

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