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Fanny Wang On-Ear Wang - Sound Quality and Verdict

By Hugo Jobling



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For all the outward design flair, it's the internal design of the On-Ear Wangs that really impresses. Where the outside is fairly similar to the Beats Solos, the titanium-coated drivers in the Wangs are different, and the results are almost night and day. Where the Beats can provide a good level of detail and clarity that gets hidden underneath a glutinous layer of bass, the Wangs offer a full and rich bass response, but one that doesn't mask the rest of the frequency range.

That said, the Wangs are still fairly bassy headphones, which work best with music where a noticeable low-end bias is a benefit not a distraction. Throw on a bit of Kanye, for example, and the full basslines won't overwhelm his vocals, and Outkast's utterly sublime Hey Ya sounded great. Obadiah Parker's acoustic cover of that same song, however, wasn't such an entertaining experience - it's a rendition best appreciated though a flatter set of headphones (say, the AKG Q701's if you can afford them).

Similarly a play through of Foo Fighters latest album, Wasting Light, showed some of the Wangs strengths, especially on the incredibly heavy track, White Limo, on which Dave Grohl's voice thunders out with almost intimidating force. Here a low-end emphasis arguably gives the track more power and presence - although we'd question whether that's needed.

We're not quite convinced that the Wangs are the saviours of the fashion headphones industry - they're still a little too expensive for our tastes (better value than the competition isn't the same as good value) and you can get better sound from cheaper, perhaps less stylish, alternatives brands such as Grado, Sennheiser, AKG and Beyerdynamic, to name but a few. However, they look pretty sharp, and they're significantly better-sounding than many fashionistas so if you are after a fashion headphone, they're almost certainly your best bet.


Compared to rival fashion headphones such as the Skullcandy Aviators and Beats, which have put the fashion well ahead of the headphone, the Fanny Wang On-Ear Wang headphones are a refreshing change. Stylishly designed, and well made, but also with good sound quality; the only issue is the price - it's a little too high for our tastes.

Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • Design & Features 8
  • Sound Quality 8
  • Value 6

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