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Essentials CTT50W10



Essentials CTT50W10


Key Features

  • 50 litre capacity
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Small freezer compartment
  • Manufacturer: None
  • Review Price: free/subscription

Essentials CTT50W10

Before we go any further, we need to get one thing clear; this isn’t a fridge suitable for sticking in the kitchen and stocking with food. It’s not full sized and won’t be able to cope with real, day-to-day food storage, it’s not a big fridge, instead what the Essentials CTT50W10 is, though, is a handy mini-fridge that’s great for use in an office or as an occasional fridge.

With only a 50 litre capacity, this is not a fridge for the whole family, but it is ideal for use in a teenager’s bedroom, an office, or for extra storage for snacks and drinks. It is built small enough so that it can fit underneath counter tops — or even on top of the counter at a push. It is just a bit bigger than a microwave, so it really will fit anywhere you need it to.

The fridge has one shelf, one and a half door balconies and a very small freezer compartment. No really, it’s very small — you probably couldn’t even fit a frozen chicken in there or a large tub of ice-cream, which kind of begs the question of why it’s there.

The door balcony has space for one tall bottle to stand up in, and the half balcony could hold a couple of small canned drinks. The freezer seems to be a little pointless, considering its size and the space it takes up that could be used for keeping more on the top shelf, but it might be good for holding a few small items.

The fridge has an energy efficiency rating of A, which will keep electricity costs low, and the motor runs very quietly, meaning it can be kept in an office environment or even in a living room or bedroom without being obtrusive. Overall, this is a very useful little mini fridge that can be kept anywhere.