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Essentials CBCONX10



Essentials CBCONX10


Key Features

  • 61 litre capacity
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Conventional heating mechanism
  • Manufacturer: None
  • Review Price: free/subscription

Essentials CBCONX10

The Essentials CBCONX10 is a basic, but reliable single door built-in electric oven. With a capacity of 61 litres, this oven has plenty of space for the cooking needs of a large household. It strikes just the right balance between big and cumbersome and compact but too small — whilst the Essentials CBCONX10 isn’t going to get in your way, it’s cleverly designed to still have lots of space and be able to cook enough to feed a family.

The single cavity uses conventional heat, meaning that it heats from the bottom, taking slightly longer to heat up than a fan oven. However, you can cook lots of dishes at once in the conventional oven, with all recipes geared towards cooking with them. The single oven cavity also doubles up as a grill, which is located on the top of the oven.

Whilst a lot of ovens nowadays are quite confusing to understand, the Essentials CBCONX10 is pleasantly straightforward. The oven controls are easy to use and easy to read, with large markings and large dials. Surprisingly, this oven does not come with a timer, meaning you will have to time your cooking manually. This is a little disappointing, especially for an electric oven — timers are standard for most ovens now. This oven also only comes with one shelf which is also a letdown, but others can be easily purchased.

The oven looks good, with a stainless steel finish, a large viewing window to see what you are cooking, and a large handle on the door for ease of access. It is also a very energy efficient oven, with an A rating, saving you money on energy bills. Overall, despite the lack of modern features, this oven is a reasonably priced and reliable appliance, which is easy on the eyes.