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Dyson DC59: Performance

Despite its compact nature, the Dyson DC59 is a strong performer. Dyson claims the new V6 motor spins at up to 110,000 times per minute and offers power comparable to a traditional, cabled vacuum. Comparable is the right word. While we found the likes of the Dyson DC50 upright offered more suction, the DC59 is outstanding for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

The result is excellent cleaning power that near as makes no difference matches larger cleaners. It only falls short when tackling deep, plush rugs. But it has a clever work around for this, an integrated ‘Max’ boost button.

This kicks the V6 motor into top gear and makes cleaning even the most embedded bits of fluff and dirt a breeze – we sucked loose rice granules out of a plush rug with just a couple of swipes. Using the boost mode does have a serious effect on the battery though, dropping the DC59’s staying power from 20 minutes to just six.

Dyson DC59

Unlike the Samsung SC21F50UG we're currently testing, the Dyson DC59 is not a chore to move around your house, far from it in fact. When cleaning floors, its suction is strong without being overpowering, and the ball-based steering mechanism on the motorised head makes changing direction smooth and fuss-free.

Switch to cleaning high-up corners and the DC59’s minimal weight and even balance make it easy to handle, while the motorised head’s carbon fibre and nylon bristles aid pickup and reduce friction on hard floors.

The handheld design and plethora of attachments make the Dyson DC59 ideal for cleaning down the back of the sofa and in all those hard to reach nooks and crannies within the car. Taking the DC59 into the backseat, the compact body was easy to position in the confined space, allowing us to get underneath the driver’s seat and between seats with the crevice tool.

The only downside of the DC59’s compact nature is the frequent trips to the bin. Its 0.5 litre dust capacity is very limited compared to the one to three litres of typical upright vacuum cleaners, a further reminder that it’s not for larger homes. It’s easy to empty, however, with a quick release switch seeing the base of the dustbin swing open to deposit contents with just the help of a little shake.

We have used the Dyson DC59 every day for almost two weeks, with no suction or clogging issues, and only a couple of necessary trips to the recharging dock.

Dyson DC59

Should I buy the Dyson DC59?

If you're after a vacuum cleaner that can adapt to your full range of cleaning needs then the Dyson DC59 is for you. The vacuum’s versatility continues to impress us after weeks of use and, at present, has not failed in any cleaning task we could throw at it. Home, car, other, the DC59 has you covered.

The small dust capacity might make it unsuitable for larger houses, but the 20-minute battery life should be able to tackle at least a full sweep of most homes thanks to the trigger mechanism. Although the small size and easy manoeuvrability make the Dyson DC59 ideal for tidying up spills, it is also more than capable of acting as your primary and sole cleaner too.

There is no getting away from the premium price tag, though. The Dyson DC59 costs the same as the cylinder Dyson DC49. The DC59 has less capacity, but offers a much more diverse range of cleaning options. It comes with a two-year parts and labour guarantee, too, compared to the usual one year, which makes up for the premium price a little.


The Dyson DC59 is one of the most impressive and versatile vacuums we have seen. Yes, it is expensive, very expensive in fact, but you do get what you pay for – and in this case that's a vacuum cleaner capable of easy cleaning across all areas of your home, and one that will look good doing it.

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