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Dyson DC50 Animal Review: Performance, Accessories and Verdict

Luke Johnson

By Luke Johnson


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Dyson DC50 Animal Performance

A true force to be reckoned with on the vacuum cleaner front, the Dyson DC50 Animal performance is second to none with the machine’s 2 Tier Radial cyclone suction technology and multi surface cleaning credentials further enhancing the device’s already impressive design and handling abilities.

Tackling everything from toast crumbs and self-raising flour on a hardwood kitchen floor, to fluff and hair on a thick, plush carpet, the Dyson DC50 Animal is not only a jack of all trades device, but one which is master of many. Doing far more than simply lifting the visible dirt from the surface, thanks to the intense power of the device’s cyclone suction, the Dyson DC50 delves deep into carpeted floors, pulling huge, almost shockingly large amounts of dirt from all surfaces.

Suffering at its own hand, a victim of the vacuum’s compact size, the 0.8 litre capacity of the Dyson DC50 Animal’s bin is a serious disappointment, down considerably on the 2.1 litre capacity found on its upright sibling, the Dyson DC41. Causing all too frequent trips to be emptied, the dirt capacity of the DC50 sees the device filling on every couple of laps of our modest two bedroom flat.

Dyson DC50

Although the ease with which the Dyson DC50 Animal is emptied helps reduce the impact of this minimal capacity bin, the high powered suction of the device means that rarely will the vacuum’s transparent bin not feature at least some unsightly contents.

A true master of multiple surfaces, the self-adjusting cleaner head on the Dyson DC50 Animal boasts a combination of nylon bristles and carbon fibre filaments to better tackle both hard and carpeted surface types. What’s more, the active baseplate features a cushioned sole and a continuous contact brushbar for an uninhibited cleaning experience that requires no fiddling around with variable settings when in use, a pleasing and user friendly addition.

Whilst the high suction head automatically adjusts itself to variable surfaces, reducing air escape and improving pickup, the toughened nylon bristles delve deep into carpets and rugs whereas the slightly longer carbon fibre filaments are said to reduce friction of hardwood floors thus improving the effect of the cyclone suction.

In practice, both claims come into fruition with the Dyson DC50 Animal managing to pick up flour dust from a hard kitchen floor as well as restoring a slightly down trodden and well-worn plush rug to a near new, revitalised appearance.

Leaving little trace of its presence, unlike wheeled vacuums, the ball at the heart of the Dyson DC50 Animal does not leave tracks or depression marks on carpets following use although it does limit the device’s use on stairs. Helping combat this, however, the Dyson DC50 Animal features an extension hose hidden within the units handle that, although slightly unwieldy at times to use helps ensure stair, tight alcoves and even high up corners are kept spotless.

Dyson DC50

Dyson DC50 Animal Accessories

Adding to the already impressive cleaning abilities, the Dyson DC50 Animal comes boxed with a selection of performance boosting add-ons that help tackle tougher, harder to reach areas and more stubborn dirt. As well as the main self-adjusting cleaner head, the Dyson DC50 Animal is paired with a ‘Combination accessory tool’, ‘Stubborn dirt brush’ and a ‘Tangle-free Turbine tool’ that is capable of tackling hair and pet fur with minimal fuss.

Whilst the Combination accessory tool allows you to get behind shelves and under furniture with ease, as well as remove cobwebs from high corners, its soft bristled tips, which prevents the hard plastic scratching the wall does quickly become mottled with fluff and fibres. On top of this, the Stubborn dirt brush, which features stiff bristles allowed us to scrub and suck the dirt out of a hard doormat with little more struggle than a bit of elbow grease.

The Tangle-free Turbine tool is where the Dyson DC50 Animal accessories really come into their own, however. Offering, as its name suggests, tangle-free cleaning when tackling areas prone to the collection of hair, such as in front of a mirror or near a dog basket, the Turbine tool removes many of the struggles associated with hair becoming tightly wound around a brushbar by hosting a pair of counter-rotating heads that suck the hair directly through the middle, removing tangling troubles.

Although the Tangle-free Turbine tool performed admirably, collecting hair we had unwound from a brush and rubbed into a carpet without becoming tangled around the mechanism, it did still become matted in the attached nylon fibres on occasion. Although this is considerably easier to clean than many rival accessories, it is still somewhat less than idea with the classic pluck and stuff technique requiring us from time-to-time to physically dislodge the hair then place it down the suction tube.

Dyson DC50

Dyson DC50 Animal Verdict

As much an aspirational gadget as a household appliance, Dyson, with the Dyson DC50 Animal, has taken much of the hassle out of vacuuming. Unrivalled handling and impressive suction combine with a brilliant all surface brushbar to create a device that removes all of the complaints from cleaning, instead offering up a machine that will have you whizzing through your entire house or flat, variable surface types be dammed.

Although the limited dust capacity is a notable blemish on an otherwise impressive features list, the Dyson DC50 Animal does well to just about justify its lofty £349 price tag. An extravagance that will be hard to comprehend for some, for those who can afford it and value a clean home, thanks to its strong and comprehensive cleaning abilities, the Dyson DC50 Animal comes highly recommended.

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