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Dyson DC39 Animal



Dyson DC39 Animal


Key Features

  • Root Cyclone technology
  • 2 litre capacity
  • Dyson Ball technology
  • Manufacturer: Dyson
  • Review Price: £340.00

Dyson DC39 Animal

The Dyson DC39 Animal may only be a small vacuum cleaner as opposed to a big upright one, but it’s still powerful enough to get pet hair and dirt out of the fibres and leave even a cream carpet clean — if you’re switching to this from an older model you’ll really notice the difference, the suction is brilliant.

This impressive suction can be attributed to the Dyson DC39 Animal's use of Radial Root Cyclone technology. The airways on the DC39 Animal have been restructured to give as much suction power as possible by improving the way the air flows through it. Basically, the Dyson DC39 Animal will deliver great cleaning power.

The Carpet Tool gets out dirt really easily, and the Hard Floor tool works exceptionally well on wood, laminate or tiled floors. Although swapping between these tools is simple, the Dyson DC39 does not allow for all the tools to be attached to the unit's body meaning storage can be annoying.

As the Dyson DC39 Animal is really light and has Dyson Ball technology, it’s incredibly easy to move around, even in tight spots. It’s also very simple to empty, and the 2 litre dust capacity isn’t bad at all. On the down side, the device is a bit prone to falling over whilst cleaning and could probably do with being a bit sturdier.

What is quite annoying is that you have to clean the filter every month. You do this by rinsing it in cold water and drying for 24 hours. It isn’t a real problem but is a bit of a pain. Also, the instruction booklet that comes with the Dyson DC39 Animal isn’t great, and you’ll probably have to utilise a classic trial-and-error method to figure out how to use it. However when you’ve done that it’s really simple to use. Whilst the Dyson DC39 is a bit expensive, you do get what you paid for.