Dyson DC24



Dyson DC24


Key Features

  • 0.9 litre capacity
  • HEPA filter
  • Root Cyclone technology
  • Manufacturer: Dyson
  • Review Price: £240.00

Dyson DC24

Bagless vacuum cleaners are all the rage nowadays, and the Dyson DC24 is another good example of the kind. Without the bag it is quick and clean to empty — you don’t have to spend ages taking it out or ages wiping dust that you somehow got all down the front of yourself, saving you time on both accounts.

The 0.9 litre capacity bin on the Dyson DC24 is clear, so you always know how much room you have before you need to empty it (which is quite often with such a small bin) and it has a cyclonic bagless filter.

The filter on the Dyson DC24 is a HEPA filter, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters are particularly good at stopping allergy-provoking particles escaping from the vacuum cleaner. The Dyson DC24 also has a motorised brush bar and a power brush, which are really good at getting dirt and pet hair out of carpets. If you have a dust or pet hair allergy, these are both good things for you.

It’s lighter than other vacuum cleaners so is good for those with bad backs or stiff joints, and it has an auto height adjuster. It copes well with moving from one type of surfaces to another with a dedicated hard floor setting as well as normal carpet mode.

Whilst the Dyson ball technology makes steering a breeze, the DC24 extendable metallic hose is actually a bit shorter than you’d like — to vacuum the top of your stairs, for example, you have to balance the body halfway up. The lead is a bit short, too. The attachments you get with the Dyson DC24 are also good for cleaning other surfaces such as ceiling corners and armchairs.

Although it’s not as powerful as some of its big brothers, the Dyson DC24 should prove a good model that’s easy to manoeuvre and very lightweight.