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Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355



Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355


Key Features

  • Four slice toaster
  • ProHeat elements
  • Wide slots
  • Manufacturer: Dualit
  • Review Price: £160.00

Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355

It’s impossible to talk about the Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355 without mentioning the price — it is, quite obviously, a very expensive toaster. However there’s a reason for this and it’s not just that it’s a designer label. Dualit’s Vario toasters have been used globally in catering kitchens, and have worked hard to earn their reputation as really formidable pieces of kit.

The Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355 toasters are just a bit special. Each one is put together by hand — you can tell exactly who made your toaster because there’s a mark on the base plate that is the individual assembler’s mark. You can get the Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355 in a broad variety of different striking colours too, from neutrals like cream and black to bold colours such as red, so it really will be unique for you. Even though they’re expensive, if they break you can just send it off to be repaired as all parts are repairable.

The four slots in the Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355 are extra wide, so you can fit in oversized slices of bread, items like bagels or the optional sandwich cage to make toasted sandwiches. There’s also a warming rack, which can toast all sorts of bread products such as muffins, croissants and even baguettes.

The stainless steel cover is removable, so it’s easy to clean, and the crumb tray is concealed so it’s both easy to clean and attractive. The combination of ProHeat elements (that have actually won awards they’re so good) and general excellent design means that the Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355 performs brilliantly with defrost and reheat functions also thrown into the mix.

The Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355 browns toast quickly, although sometimes bread can be toasted more on one side than the other. The timer is useful, but it’s also really noisy. Considering the Dualit Vario 40344 - 40355 is so very expensive, you’d expect niggles like these to be ironed out.