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Dualit Vario 20245



Dualit Vario 20245


Key Features

  • Two slice toaster
  • ProHeat technology
  • Mechanical timer
  • Manufacturer: Dualit
  • Review Price: £140.00

Dualit Vario 20245

In terms of toasting quality, the Dualit Vario 20245 is one of the best on the market. Dualit Vario toasters are expensive and have a reputation for excellence, but considering they’ve been used in catering situations globally and always performed well this isn’t surprising.

The Dualit Vario 20245 manages to keep all the performance of the Dualit Vario range, whilst housing it in a really nice looking little toaster — a toaster that’s available in a huge range of colours so you can pick your favourite to match your kitchen. Each Dualit Vario is hand-assembled in Britain — you can tell exactly who assembled your toaster by looking at the base plate, where the assembler puts his or her mark.

Backing up these good looks with good performances, this little two slice toaster might not have the capacity of some of its four slice siblings, but it outperforms them in terms of general toasting quality with the bread being cooked more evenly. The ProHeat technology inside the Dualit Vario 20245 makes it very efficient whilst ensuring it will last longer than many toasters.

There are lots of features to the Dualit Vario 20245, too. The mechanical timer is useful, but slightly noisy. The extra wide slots accommodate wider items, but as the Dualit Vario 20245 is quite small it won’t fit very tall slices of bread. There are also defrost and reheat functions, so you never have to suffer the indignity of cold toast or not having any defrosted bread again.

The Dualit Vario 20245 is very easy to clean as it has a stainless steel cover, and the concealed crumb tray makes it simple to keep the inside crumb free. If any parts of the Dualit Vario 20245 break, Dualit will just replace those parts so you don’t have to buy a whole new toaster, a nice little touch.