Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505


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Review Price £70.00

Key Features: 360 degree base; 1.5 litre capacity; Heatproof knob

Manufacturer: Dualit

Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505

Most kettles have to look pretty nowadays, but they don’t have to look as nice as the Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505. It’s quirky design and choice of three colours — a bold black, a shiny red and a demure cream — make it one of the more attractive models on the market. If style matters to you just as much as substance, then the Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505 should please you greatly.

This stunning finish doesn’t mean the device fails to deliver in terms of substance as well, mind. A cordless jug kettle that is nice and convenient for use all over the home, the Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505 features an upright format whilst the re-jigged pouring action prevents drips and generally makes everything a bit easier. Although hard to read there’s a viewing window to see how much water the kettle holds at any one time and the device is paired with a 360 degree base making putting the kettle on a doddle.

Featuring a hinged lid that is easy to open and so easy to fill, safety appears to have been in mind when designing the Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505, with the unit playing host to a heatproof knob that ensure you will not burn your fingers during use. On top of this, non-slip rubber feet mean you won’t accidentally knock it over and spill boiling water everywhere and the handle is also heatproof.

There’s a handy rapid-boil concealed element that will make the water in the Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505 heat up super quickly, so you’ve not got to hang around waiting for your tea in the morning. This also has a boil-dry safety cut out. Boiling the 1.5 litres of water that the Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505 is quick because of the element, but it’s also quite noisy.

Overall, although the Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505 is quite expensive it’s certainly a good kettle and worth paying the extra for if you want the stylish design.