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Dualit 46205



Dualit 46205


Key Features

  • Four slice toaster
  • Peek & Pop function
  • Defrost function
  • Manufacturer: Dualit
  • Review Price: £75.00

Dualit 46205

The Dualit 46205 is certainly an appealing little thing, even though it has four slots and therefore the capacity to toast four slices of bread at once, it’s quite small and it’s aesthetically pleasing styling means it’s very striking and stands out from other toasters on the market. Don’t let the pleasing appearance fool you, though, as it’s actually a really good and functional toaster.

With its Peek & Pop function, the Dualit 46205 gives you complete control over how brown you want your toast to be. Peek and Pop lets you pop the toast up to check on it without cancelling the toasting cycle, all you have to do is give the lever a quick lift and then slide it back down again. It’s only a small thing, but it’s really nifty.

Then there are lots of the usual, albeit largely standard features such as a defrost function and a cancel function, both of which are handy in everyday life. What’s more, you can even set the Dualit 46205 to toast only one side, whilst the extra wide slots are variable, ensuring you can toast everything from thick slices of bread to tiny thin ones evenly.

Thanks to the unit’s extra wide slots, it’s not just bread that the Dualit 46205 can toasting, capable of holding things like bagels and buns, with a special setting that will toast one side but only warm the other so you don’t end up with burnt baked goods. On top of this, the high lift function will help you get these baked goods out of the toaster.

The high wattage of the Dualit 46205 means that it toasts quickly. It toasts well, too — nice and evenly, with very little burning as long as you pick the right setting. It looks great, feels sturdy and completely justifies it’s admittedly steep price tag by how it performs.