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Dualit 2x2 Combi



Dualit 2x2 Combi


Key Features

  • Four slice toaster
  • Defrost function
  • Two sandwich cages
  • Manufacturer: Dualit
  • Review Price: £169.00

Dualit 2x2 Combi

Sometimes you want toast, and sometimes you want toasted sandwiches. Both are delicious, but they satisfy very different needs. Usually you have to buy two different appliances to satisfy these separate toasted cravings, but not with the Dualit 2x2 Combi. You can use the Dualit 2x2 Combi to cook both toast and toasted sandwiches, which saves vital kitchen space, and money.

The Dualit 2x2 Combi comes with two sandwiches cages, so you can make two toasted sandwiches at once. It’s a four slice toaster, though, so you can cook large rounds of toast with relative ease although the Dualit 2x2 Combi does take a while to heat up.

Of course you don’t have to cook four slices of toast if you don’t want to — the Dualit 2x2 Combi has individual controls so you can cook using one slot, two slots or all four slots. This means you don’t have to waste energy trying to cook bread that isn’t actually there if you only want one slice of toast — good for the environment, but also good for your energy bills.

Because of the sandwich cages, the slots in the Dualit 2x2 Combi are extra wide and extra deep — perfect for cooking bagels or toasting teacakes. You can vary the width of the slots, too, so it’s just as good at cooking thin slices of bread as it is bagels or teacakes. The only thing is does struggle with is liquid insides the toasted sandwiches (beans, for example) as the cages don’t hold the bread together tightly enough to stop the liquid escaping.

There are all the usual features of a modern toaster such as a defrost function to quickly cook frozen bread, a reheat function to stop you from having to eat cold toast and a crumb tray for easy cleaning. As a neat extra, you get a recipe book full of ideas for different toasted sandwiches with the Dualit 2x2 Combi.