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Dualit 2+1 Combi 31205



Dualit 2+1 Combi 31205


Key Features

  • Three slice toaster
  • Toasted sandwich cage
  • Electronic sensor
  • Manufacturer: Dualit
  • Review Price: £159.00

Dualit 2+1 Combi 31205

The most notable thing about the Dualit 2 1 Combi 31205 is that you aren’t just able to toast bread in it, you can make toasted sandwiches too. This makes it really flexible and good for people with small kitchens as you don’t require two individual appliances — whether you’re a fan of toasted sandwiches or just plain toast, the Dualit 2 1 Combi 31205 has it covered.

On the 2 1 model you get one sandwich cage and three slots, so you can toast up to three slices of bread at once. There is a model with four slots and two sandwiches cages, which might be better for bigger families, but for couples the Dualit 2 1 Combi 31205 is more than suited to your needs. It’s also slightly smaller, so won’t take up lots of kitchen space.

Although there are three slots, you don’t have to use them all at once. If you only want one or two slices of toast, the Dualit 2 1 Combi 31205 can be set just to toast one or two slices. This is good in terms of energy efficiency as you’ll never be using electricity that isn’t going directly to cook your lunch.

Whilst the ability to toast sandwiches is the most high profile feature of the Dualit 2 1 Combi 31205, it’s not the only one with the unit also capable of defrosting and reheating bread. The extra wide slots make it capable of toasting things like bagels and teacakes, and there’s a crumb tray to make it easy to clean. It even has an electronic sensor.

Although the slots are wide, they’re not particularly tall so you have to turn tall slices over halfway through. Thickly sliced bread doesn’t work too well in the sandwich cage either, however these are just small annoyances rather than real problems, as overall the Dualit 2 1 Combi 31205 is a good, solid model.