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DriveClub Deals

By Brett Phipps


Steve Brain

October 2, 2014, 2:33 am

I really wanted to like this game, but after reading that it is more arcade-based than say Forza which has a perfect balance.. I cancelled my pre-order. I will need to try before I buy, thanks to PSN Plus edition at least that will be possible. If I wanted an arcade-style racer I would simply wait for The Crew which at least has car performance and visual customization plus a massive open world to explore, it sounds to me like Drive Club falls short in a lot of ways in comparison.

Matthew Bunton

October 7, 2014, 5:52 pm

I am not really suprised at all by this. The general consensus seems to be it's just an average game.


October 7, 2014, 6:30 pm

How did you comment 6 days ago? I thought there was a review embargo on this game til today?
OT: you have to imagine each car is replicated to a 1:1 ratio. Adding performance enhancements would alter all that hard work.


October 7, 2014, 6:41 pm

I have/had high hopes for Driveclub and until I try on Friday I won't know for sure whether those hopes were justified. Which is natural, I think. Nobody else can make my mind up for me so i need to really get my teeth into for a few days to get an impression deep enough to make a decision on the full game. PS plus in going to be most peoples first stop, I think, and it will be mine too. If it is everything I'd wished for I will buy it. Especially seeing as The Crew is delayed, project Cars is not out yet and no f1 game looks even remotely approaching the slight possibility of coming to ps4 this year or next. I hope I'm wrong there as f1 on ps4 will define the racing genre for me. It has the potential, based on the excellent ps3/360 versions, to be exceptional. But Driveclub will have my attention because it is a driving game, my favourite genre, and so I will cut it some slack for that reason. Anyway, we'll all know soon enough what the game is really like...


October 7, 2014, 7:12 pm

I was looking forward to this, but it looks like its all looks (nice car graphics) but no soul. I think i'm going to get an xbox one with forza horizon 2, sunset overdrive, and halo MCE. Quite disappointed at this being the first "proper" race for the ps4... Looks like Project cars will take it.


October 7, 2014, 7:47 pm

It was probably a preview when he commented. This site tends to re-use pages, probably for Search Engine Optimisation (older pages rank higher).

Matthew Bunton

October 8, 2014, 1:41 am


Tyler Gehl

October 8, 2014, 11:42 am

It will not let make a club just instantly tells me I need to test my internet I gave it a day still nothing if I can't use that in one more day I'm selling this shit not worth the effort.

Chris B

October 8, 2014, 1:49 pm

I was looking forward to this, as well as Forza Horizon 2 (though to be honest, I was slightly underwhelmed by FH1) - on a whim I got FH2 last Friday, and I've been pleasantly surprised just how good it is - it's nowhere near a sim racer, but it's not a total arcade racer either.

You get perks for joining a club within-game, and reading the review above FH2 seems a more rounded game - so I will probably hold off getting this until xmas, and hopefully I'll be able to compare against The Crew.


October 8, 2014, 9:16 pm

Even with small content like 50 cars. This game is by FAR the best Arcade-sim racing game i have ever played. the AI is fantastic and challenging i like challenging games.
Graphics? well take a look http://a.pomf.se/sfbgts.gif
#DriveClub can be easily mistaken with reality. Best racing graphics on any platform easily!


October 12, 2014, 11:09 pm

this game is being judged and badly analysed by almost everybody. and worse, people want to compare it with other racing games, and they shouldn't, as driveclub is unique.

-forget the little green line that is holding gamer's hands during gameplay. No line here, people must learn their cars, how they handle, and tracks, where they need to break, anticipate, etc.

- this isn't a game where we can upgrade our cars with triple turbos and magical engines, and add 3000 extra horse power.. as developers have said, each car has been fine-tuned to perfection, so its is perfectly maneuverable in every situation. tracks, scenery, other cars, enemy AI, everything has been tuned according to each tuned car, so everything runs smoothly. what would the game play like, if suddenly a 400hp car received an upgrade, and had 1300hp, and could go at 400mph, instead of 160mph ? unpredictable, awful, etc etc. also, as devs said, in real life, some cars are made of a single aluminium bloc, and there is no place to a triple turbo. they couldn't simply integrate those upgrades. also, evolution studios (EV) worked closely with each manufacturer, had the exact data for the car, for physics, everything. those specs and physics make the car react in a way or another, when driving. a big car will have more inertia and will take more time to reach 0mph, than a smaller car. etc etc. they couldn't just start inventing turbos and other pieces, to make the car 4 times more powerful.

-Ai is not great, really ? watch this, from dualshockers, on youtube, and get ready to feel stupid :

- online clubs only have 6 members. what do you want ? teams with 3000 guys each ?
isn't it much more easy and cool to setup, follow their results, watch their races, communicate with them, race against other clubs, etc etc, with a 6 members team, where it will be easy to know each other, communicate, make video calls, eventually, with some driveclub updates, follow their results, follow their followers on youtube and twitter and internet, etc etc, in an ultra cool way, THAN a club with 3000 guys, where nobody knows nobody ? you know, like facebook, where people brag about their 8745 friends, but in fact, they only know 3 or 4 people, which are the cousin, the brother and 2 school mates.
6 people is the perfect number, to make something more intimate, more friendly, more cool, less stressful, less complicated to follow and handle, etc etc. even 4 guys(or girls) would have already been ok. but six, is just excellent. in a few months, there will be thousands of these small teams, that could be some WOW friends-gamers, or a 6 girl teams, or 6 brothers and sisters, or 6 coworkers, that will compete with other coworkers, or boss..., or a team with evolution studio staff, a team with gran turismo staff, with sony forums staff. it could be amazing. again, reviewers have it wrong. totally.

- many guys are giving low scores, one of the main reasons is the fact that driveclub doesn't innovate a lot. wow. just wow. this is a driving car. driveclub already does fantastic things, like the realtime lighting engine, and soon, the rain-snow-fog-wind effects. do you guys want to drive like gta5, and start walking with an ak47, and kill people ? can you please tell me what did forza5 bring to the table, new, that deserved all those perfect 10/10 scores, apart the fact that it was an exclusive xbox one title, and it was absolutely necessary to make the xbox one launch look great, and the ps4 look bad. forza 5 brought an awful microtransactions system, an awful grinding system, 2d cardboard public, empty scenery, downgraded graphics, empty tracks, low res textures, just to achieve the 1080p.and barely 10 different tracks. wow, perfect 10/10. isn't it ? where were the reviewers, asking for innovation, by that time ? only this time, driveclub needs "innovation" ? lol, really.

- the only truth is : JEALOUSY
all these 2/5 scores come from xbox fans that are disgusted of the ps4 success, and the 720p versions xbox one always give them. they just can't stand the ps4 success, that will be close to 20 million sold units, by the end of 2014. they are disgusted because this gen, unlike last gen, devs are no longer giving parity, spending much more time on the x360, thanks to some big paychecks. no, this gen, devs are using the power they have, and when a game can run at 1080p on the ps4, and only at 720p, on the xbox one, it MEANS THAT the ps4 is running that game with 2.25 times more pixels, and therefore, is USING 2.25 TIMES MORE POWER THAN THE XBOX ONE. this time, the ps4 is kicking xbox one butt, in a severe way. microsoft is going nowhere with his console, made specially for americans, with american features, tv, sports, etc. they have removed almost everything from the xbox one. even its soul. games are doomed, and will be 720p forever. the extra specs and power on the ps4 can already be seen, and once devs start using all that extra power that the xbox one doesn't have, like the 64 acus vs 16, more rasterizers, faster pool of ram, etc etc, games will look better and better and better, probably 10 times better than infamous second son and killzone shadow fall. and it isn't directx12 that will suddenly give 3 times more power to the xbox one. NO.
because of this hate, these reviewers wanted to punish the ps4 and sony. because these arguments i mentioned, that contributed to these bad scores, it's not these arguments that make driveclub deserve a 1/5 or 2/5. a 2/5 is a totally broken game, full of bugs, unplayable, awful textures, slow framerate, bugs that reboot and freeze the console, ugly textures popup, 5 minutes to load a level, maximum screen tearing, single player campaign only 1 hour long, microtransactions all over the place (like forza 5, but hey, guys like sessler didn't even mention it, to not make the game look bad by any means.. and the game got 5/5 scores from everybody), a game delayed 25 times , in 6 years, totally empty scenery, graphics really ugly, textures from games made in 2000-2002, totally empty scenery, awful collision detection, ugly or no shadows at all, no 3d objects, ugly lights, slow game engine, no working online games, no lobbies, no way to mute stupid people, impossible to join online games, impossible trophies, max grinding, save files system broken, game corrupted and impossible to finish, bad dialogues and badly sync lips, distorted sounds, no music or awful musics, ultra long menus and sub menus under submenus... etc etc.

only a game with all these issues, could deserve a 1 or 2/5, like driveclub got.
is driveclub even 100000000 million miles close to anything like these issues i've mentioned, or the "supposed" issues, on the top of my comment ? is driveclub a 20% game ?

only xbox fans will give such scores, and only xbox fans will believe in such scores and reviews.
copy-paste this comment, this is the simple truth. every sony fan should read it, to understand the real situation.


October 15, 2014, 9:59 am

With a name like PS4Gamers, it's obvious your going to defend your purchase which is fair enough, but your ranting on like a madman about XB1 this & XB1 that and it's absolutely crazy. It's one thing quoting sales figures etc, but using them to somehow make a link between the reviews of Driveclub is pathetic it really is. There is no consipracy - some reviews like it, some don't. It's called an opinion and having a different one to yours doesn't make everyone elses wrong which is basically what your implying - where you an only child by any chance?

Let's go through some of your points because what you are trying to do is justify why Driveclub has LESS things than say FH2 because when anyone tries to justify an inferior purchase the first thing they do is try to convince people that less is in fact more. It's not.

- The little green line is there to make the game accessible to all. You can make the game as easy or as difficult as you want. That's not a bad thing. You only mentioned it because you don't have it.

- If Driveclub allowed smaller cars to upgrade to more powerful classes, it would mean people can truly make their cars their own. Adds a bit of personalisation and flexibility to the game. It also means you could have traditionally less powerful cars race against more powerful ones in different classes. And that happens in real life. You only mentioned it because you don't have it.

- All of the reviews say the AI isn't particularly good. I don't know, I've not played the game.

- Groups should be as big or small as you want it to be. With Driveclub your limited to 6 which you claim is a perfect number. Of course it's a perfect number - because it's the only number you can have. Let me guess, when Titanfall was launched you thought 6 was a pathetic number - am I right??
Groups and clubs should be as big or small as you want it to be. Want to be in a small group of close knit friends? Join a smaller group. Want to feel part of a large online group? Join a bigger group. It's called choice. You only mentioned it because you don't have it.

- Not played Forza 5 so can't comment on your comment about that. However, Forza Horizon 2, launched practically at the same time as Driveclub, iswhat you should be comparing it to. But you can't, because FH2 doesn't have any of what you described in Forza 5 which negates your comparison somewhat.

- Your XB1 conspiracy. This is so full of garbage it's untrue mate and you should read back at it and be embarassed at what you have typed.
Games will be 720 forever? Really? Want me to list the games which aren't 720 because I can? And at the same time I will also list the games on the PS4 which aren't at the highest resolution/frame rate which the PS4 is claimed to do either. If the PS4 was capable of 1080 at 60fps for every game then your comment would be true. The fact it isn't even capable of doing that for every game means your comment is hypocritical at best.

Sony NEED the PS4 to work. It needs to be a massive success because the gaming division is practically the only part of Sony which makes any money. The problem is though, the rest of the company is losing money hand over fist. It is the PS4 which is keeping Sony afloat. Don't believe me? Google is your friend - have a look and be REALLY surprised at how close Sony is close to going under.

Microsoft, for all their many problems, don't have THAT particular problem. They can reduce the price of the XB1 down further and it will barely dent their profits.

Instead of focusing your anger on the XB1 gamers who are just normal people like you, who just so happened to of purchased a different system, focus on why games like Driveclub are released in half finished states. It's much more productive.


October 21, 2014, 12:18 am

It's far from more arcade than Forza, if anything it makes Forza more arcade like. This is the new perfect balance, don't get me wrong I like dropping a 5.0 V8 in A Ford Focus as the next guy, but Driveclub has done what I've been waiting for devs to do for ages and that's to strip back all the nonsense that has been added to games over the years (cough cough COD). This lets you hang the arse of the car out round the corner, but using too much throttle coming out of the corner and you will be punished, when your doing 160mph over a rough/bouncy road you can feel it and if you use DRS over this section you can feel the back floating before you get thrown off the road and there are tight corners where you are rewarded for pulling the handbrake and getting the arse out there opposed to this 'follow the racing line' style which has been adopted cross platform.

As for the AI, yes it can be annoying, but they only go on the offensive if you do and I love reactive dynamics like this. What is most impressive however is the fact that this purist racer isn't boring and doesn't feel lacking, it will make you keep coming back to earn those few 10ths of a second over and over. It's time to stop comparing this game because it's out there on it's own and is a must buy.

Dan Vincent

December 17, 2014, 4:45 pm

This game will sell plenty! It's called word of mouth. And when the PS+ version hits it will sell copies like crazy once people try it out!

Iown You

February 1, 2015, 6:34 am

Don't hold your breath for the PS+ version.

I have the game. Without the patch it's crap. With the patch it's noticeably better. But for some reason, the more expensive cars handle like crap to me. I can win all day with the VW Beetle and not just win but dominate (WITH motion control steering on, too!) but I can't stop spinning all over the place in anything more expensive.

Iown You

February 1, 2015, 6:39 am

The PS4's hardware is certainly capable of 1080p 60fps for EVERY game, and most PS4 games are at that level. The issue is that most of the multiplats that don't reach that on PS4 are likely a victim of MS pressuring developers to develop for parity, which they are doing and it's pathetic.

You say you can list lots of games on XBOX One that aren't 720p, so can I, but many of those games will be 900p, lol.

I own an XBOX One, and while I don't think it's a terrible system, it certainly has performance issues due to its definitely inferior hardware and poor resource distribution.

Iown You

February 1, 2015, 6:41 am

The AI is not so much challenging as it is frustrating. While the patch fixed quite a bit of the issue of ramming, the AI still does its ramming here and there. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't go spinning out of control damn near every time you're rammed, lol.


June 26, 2015, 1:44 pm

This game is the one that "sold" the need to buy a next gen machine... ive seen things like forza horizon 2 youtube videos where 360 and xbox1 are played side by side with little "wow" in the difference... but play this game and drive past water sprinklers in the field and its a "wow" --- that sort of scenery simply is a "new chapter" moment in the history of games.


January 10, 2016, 3:14 pm

Great game (Fun) and probably the best looking racer of all time, beating even the best PC has to offer at this time. Stunning lighting and track design, beautiful cars. Forza 6 on XB1 looks ridiculously bad by comparison (and is very dull too).


January 10, 2016, 3:24 pm

Not any more. It's now the best looking and most fun Racer on current gen consoles (and PC).

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