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These are all the latest dishwasher reviews on TrustedReviews. We review dishwashers from all the top brands, including Miele dishwashers, Samsung dishwashers, Whirlpool dishwashers and many more. We test and use them just like you and subject all them to our super-touch dried on egg test to see how well they wash.

  1. Siemens SN65M031

    Siemens SN65M031

    With a 12 place setting capacity and an A* energy efficiency rating, the Siemens SN65M031 is a good choice for large families.

  2. Bosch SMS53E22GB

    Bosch SMS53E22GB

    With a 13 place setting capacity and five variable wash programmes, the Bosch SMS53E22GB pairs style with substance.

  3. Hotpoint FDPF481

    Hotpoint FDPF481

    With a 14 place setting capacity and an A Class energy efficiency rating the Hotpoint FDPF481 is a dishwasher ready to meet high demands.

  4. Bosch SMS40A08GB

    Bosch SMS40A08GB

    An A* energy efficiency rating means the Bosch SMS40A08GB will help save you money on your electricity bills.

  5. Beko DW600

    Beko DW600

    Five wash programmes and a 12 place setting capacity ensure the Beko DW600 will get all of your dishes clean.

  6. Beko DSFN6830

    Beko DSFN6830

    Quiet, spacious and with strong A rated cleaning abilities, the Beko DSFN6830 is an all-round impressive dishwasher.

  7. Beko DWD5411

    Beko DWD5411

    A freestanding appliance, the Beko DWD5411 pairs five wash programmes with an A rated wash performance.

  8. Smeg DI6012

    Smeg DI6012

    The Smeg DI6012 is a built-in dishwasher with an A Class energy efficiency rating to save you money whilst getting your plates spotless.

  9. Beko DSFN1530

    Beko DSFN1530

    Getting your dishes clean in double quick time, the Hotpoint LFT228A features an A rated wash performance alongside the world’s quickest wash programme.

  10. Hotpoint LFT228A

    Hotpoint LFT228A

    A built-in unit, the Hotpoint LFT228A features an A Class energy efficiency rating and an impressive eight selectable wash programmes.

  11. Bosch SMS40C02GB

    Bosch SMS40C02GB

    Thanks to an ActiveWater hydraulic water system, the Bosch SMS40C02GB will clean your dishes well whilst an A* energy efficiency rating will help save you money.

  12. Bosch SPS59L12GB

    Bosch SPS59L12GB

    With an A* energy efficiency rating, the Bosch SPS59L12GB will clean your dishes whilst saving you money on your bills.