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Digital Stream DPS-1000 review

Andrew Williams



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Digital Stream DPS-1000
  • Digital Stream DPS-1000
  • Digital Stream DPS-1000
  • Digital Stream DPS-1000
  • Digital Stream DPS-1000
  • Digital Stream DPS-1000
  • Digital Stream DPS-1000
  • Digital Stream DPS-1000


Our Score:



  • LoveFilm streaming
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Decent codec support


  • Glitchy software
  • No dedicated audio output
  • Slow navigation

Key Features

  • LoveFilm
  • BBC iPlayer
  • blinkbox movie streaming
  • Video playback over USB
  • Web TV and Facebook integration
  • Manufacturer: Digital Stream
  • Review Price: £89.99

The Digital Stream DPS-1000 uses the Onyx Media Browser software to offer access to the BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm streaming service and blinkbox directly from your TV for less than a hundred pounds. It’s a darn sight cheaper than a Sony PS3 or a brand-new internet-enabled TV, which offer the same sort of functionality, but as ever there’s a drawback or two to taking the cheaper option.

The Digital Stream DPS-1000 is an unassuming small black box. Aside from the small Onyx logo on its front, a quick glance at its bodywork tells you almost nothing about what it’s for. It’s primarily because this little gadget is much more a portal to other services than a service provider in itself.

Digital Stream DPS-1000

It runs the Onyx Media Browser software, which in turn gives you access to a handful of online services including Facebook, Twitter, BBC iPlayer, blinkbox, LoveFilm and a fistful of web TV streams. With all this digital content flying about within the DPS-1000’s brain, it’s disappointing to see that there’s no digital audio output included on the back of the unit. No dedicated audio output at all, in fact.

There’s an HDMI slot, two USB slots, an Ethernet port, power socket and a SCART connector. The lack of an audio output is a sore point here – it’s fine if you listen to movies through your TV’s speakers or use an HDMI-enabled receiver for your entire home cinema system, but for the rest this severely limits the flexibility of connectivity here.Digital Stream DPS-1000

There’s no built-in Wi-Fi, but you can use a dongle to add this feature – hence the addition of the second USB slot. These two omissions are hard to let go of, but then few comparable media player devices offer built-in Wi-Fi at this sub-£100 price.

DLNA support is included, but limited by the lack of built-in Wi-Fi. If your wireless router is in the same room as the DPS-1000, it’s no great problem, but the convenience and low price of the streamer start to lose their shine once you consider having to search for a compatible dongle, or trail an Ethernet cable across your house. That said, using good old fashioned wires is often a more reliable way of connecting up such boxes to ensure a seemless delivery of all your favourite content.

Digital Stream DPS-1000

What's more, if your setup is in harmony with the limited connectivity of this gadget though, we’ll admit it is both cheap and convenient. It makes no noise, is small enough to stash on top of another piece of home cinema kit, probably without blocking any heat outlet ports too, and its list of connected features sounds like it could merit the investment – at least on paper. But how is it to actually use?

Brian ONeill

April 20, 2011, 6:35 pm

Or you can get a blu ray player that also has internet functionally for the same price:

PS: Can you not set your comments system to remember the user?


April 20, 2011, 9:19 pm

Or you can get a sony smp-n100, tiny, silent and the same features for iplayer etc as the ps3 - plus you get to choose HD iplayer content if it's available


February 17, 2014, 11:14 pm

I got the Digital Stream box 2 months ago & now the you tube won't work on it. Anyone know why?

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