Denon AVR-4310 - 7.1-channel AV Receiver - Denon AVR-4310

By Danny Philips



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Denon AVR-4310 - 7.1-channel AV Receiver


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In the box are two remotes. The main one is a universal learning zapper, with an electroluminescent touchscreen display panel that sports icons for the different devices that can be controlled – the controls below change according to which device is selected. Below this panel is a neatly arranged bank of hard buttons governing functions like volume and menu navigation. Thankfully this remote doesn’t take long to master and proves to be a very effective way of controlling your entire AV system.

The other remote is a much simpler animal, designed for use in Zones 2 or 3 in a multi-room setup. It looks cluttered but intuitive button placement and good labelling makes it agreeable enough.

With a Denon DBP-2010 linked to the HDMI input and Teufel’s Theater 3s on speaker duties, we got stuck into some of our favourite Blu-ray discs and immediately fell in love with the sparklingly detailed, rich and muscular sound that filled the test room.

Monsters Vs Aliens, for instance, is an absolute joy, with the Denon ripping through the repertoire of zippy, frenetic effects, comic dialogue and blockbuster action with relish. When called for, the 4310 displays admirable subtlety and dexterity, teasing out delicate background detail – the chirping crickets and heavy breathing during the opening titles are beautifully realised – yet it can flip to full-on bull-in-a-china-shop mode in the blink of an eye.

As the monsters battle on the Golden Gate bridge, the force with which it relays the robot’s huge stomping footsteps and the sound of crunching metal is frightening, but the sound never loses focus or control – this is as consummate and masterful a performance as you’re likely to hear at this price point. Turning up the volume doesn’t phase the Denon either, as it laps up the loudness like a cat in a cream factory.


January 3, 2010, 3:50 pm

Thank you. An excellent review.

I am presently using a Yamaha RX-V3800 which has those "front effect" speaker outputs for "dialogue lift" with very good results.

I am a Blu Ray fan and I am wondering would this unit give me a substantial improvement on the Yamaha with their Audyssey DSX & Pro Logic llz?

Any takers Lads?



May 12, 2013, 9:33 pm

No mention of the fact that the remote does NOT offer quick changes of surround sound
modes, from DD to Stereo to anything else. How they could have overlooked this I have no idea. How the Geeks at Denon did not provide that is a big mystery too.

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