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DeLonghi Icona CTO4003



DeLonghi Iconia CTO4003


Key Features

  • Four slice toaster
  • Electronic sensor
  • Single side toasting
  • Manufacturer: DeLonghi
  • Review Price: £60.00

DeLonghi Icona CTO4003

The DeLonghi Icona CTO4003 is a four slice toaster, so you’ve not got to hang around waiting for multiple rounds of toast to cook when catering for more than one person. The housing material is metal, which gives the DeLonghi Icona CTO4003 a lovely modern look — but in fact, the whole thing looks gorgeous. Available in lots of different colours and with retro-modern styling, it’s a very attractive toaster.

It has all the extra functions you’d expect — a high lift to make getting toast out easy, a cancel function for if the toast starts to burn and you need to get it out, a crumb tray to make cleaning the DeLonghi Icona CTO4003 easy — and a few extras, too. Traditional toasters certainly wouldn’t have an electronic sensor, for example.

You can set the DeLonghi Icona CTO4003 to toast only one side, which is useful for making things like cheese on toast as you can toast the side you don’t put the cheese on before putting it under a grill. It’s also got a reheat function (Nothing is worse than cold toast) and a defrost function.

The variable width of the DeLonghi Icona CTO4003 means it’s easy to toast things like bagels and halved teacakes without the risk of singed bits on your bread products whilst ensuring they cook through evenly. The slots themselves are big enough to fit large slices of bread even with the crusts on, and you can use the dials to select how brown you’d like the toast to be.

All in all, the DeLonghi Icona CTO4003 is a good toaster. It’s easy to clean, easy to use and toasts well. Whilst it is expensive, you do get what you pay for in this instance. It’s also worth pointing out that the DeLonghi Icona CTO4003 is a very big toaster with a large footprint — not great for small kitchens.