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February 16, 2017, 4:16 pm

'Apple has gone its own way in terms of specifications and price'..

Not sure what you mean by this - the implication is that Apple is in a different (better) league than Dell with these flagship laptops.

The new XPS 15 is far superior to Macbook Pro in terms of specifications: £2099.00 will buy you the top of the line XPS 15 with i7 Kaby lake, 1 TB SSD, 32 GB RAM and 4K touch enabled screen . A maxed out but still inferior specced Macbook Pro based on i7 Skylake, with 1 TB SSD, only 16 GB RAM and questionable touch bar will cost you £3329.00. The graphics cards are comparable - reviews I can find give Dell's GeForce GTX 1050 the nod over Apple's Radeon Pro 460.

So, notwithstanding the OS debate, that 50% price hike for the Macbook Pro gives you inferior specs. And the albeit beautiful unibody aluminium.. but that is it. Durability and longevity opinions for the Dell's carbon fibre and aluminium construction however are extremely positive after 24 months constant use.

Apple has gone its own way in terms of price.. agreed. But it has been completely left behind in terms of specs here.

I thought the Apple fanboys left TrustedReviews years ago?!


February 19, 2017, 9:30 am

I was looking to buy either the DELL XPS 13 or DELL XPS 15 to run Hyper-V and spin up a few VM's for study purposes. A quick google search has a few complaints about the 9550 models having un-fixable screen flicker when running Hyper-V

Does anyone have any experience with the new DELL XPS 9560 models and running Hyper-V? are there any issues? or can I safely buy one knowning I can spin up my homelab?

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