Top-notch Samsung HW-K450 sound bar now HALF PRICE: Save £150!

A sound bar is the surest way to boost the audio quality of your flat-screen telly, and now you don’t need to shell out big bucks to get one that’s half decent.

The Samsung HW-K450 is a Currys-exclusive model, shipping as a sound bar and subwoofer combo. We reviewed it earlier this year at a review price of £280 (although Currys briefly raised the price to £300 to make this a proper half-price offer…), rating it 8/10 for its lively audio quality and Bluetooth connectivity.

BUY NOW: Save £150 on Samsung HW-K450 sound bar, now £149 at Currys

Here’s what we had to say:

“If you want an affordable soundbar and don’t care about Wi-Fi or multiroom then the HW-K450 is a decent choice. It delivers a clear, lively sound with excellent dialogue reproduction and a healthy amount of bass through the wireless sub. It’s particularly good with TV material, making speech very easy to hear and beefing up the bottom end.

Admittedly, its sound quality isn’t the most refined or full-bodied around – there’s a touch of harshness at higher volumes when the action gets frenetic, and there’s little variation in the subwoofer’s rumbling – but on the whole it’s an enjoyable listen.

And when you throw its robust design, ample socketry, easy setup and slick Remote App into the mix, the HW-K450 starts to look like a tasty proposition for the money.”

BUY NOW: Save £150 on Samsung HW-K450 sound bar, now £149 at Currys

This is a zero-sum deal: A great sound-bar at an even better price. Rock on.

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