Save £170 on the fantastic Dyson V8 Absolute Pro cordless vacuum

You can save a staggering £170 off one of our favourite cordless vacuums of all time for Black Friday 2017.

You could say we’re a little bit in love with the Dyson V8 Absolute. It should come as no surprise we gave it a perfect 10/10 review score, stating it stood “Head and shoulders above every other cordless vac on the market.”

The great news is that as part of Black Friday, Dyson has discounted its beast of a cordless vacuum cleaner by a whopping £170.

Buy now: Dyson V8 Absolute Pro for £350 direct from Dyson, saving £170

The V8 works fantastically well on both hard wood and carpeted surfaces, making it a fantastic vacuum all around the house. The V8 Absolute Pro kit comes with two heads, suitable for each surface. You also get a 2-in-1 tool, crevice tool and a mini-motorised head. The latter is perfect for using the V8 Absolute in a car or on upholstery. It does especially well with pet hair, we might add.

The newer V8 model is improved over previous generations with a bigger battery, allowing for upwards of 40 minutes of use on a single charge. More than enough to get you round the house and then some. You can also turn on the MAX power mode for really tough dirt. It’s also much less noisy compared to the older V6.

When you’re done cleaning, it’s also more convenient to empty the bin at the end. For those with allergies, you’ll be pleased to know the filter can remove particles down to as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring only clean air is exhausted out.

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Cleaning power is also excellent and we found it performed better than even some mains-powered options out there. As with other Dyson’s, the suction power doesn’t deteriorate as the bin gets full. On that note, this is a bagless cordless vacuum, so no dealing with annoying consumables.

Our only negative point in our review was the price, so now that the price has dropped by £170, now is the time to snap up the best cordless vacuum cleaner going. By buying from Dyson, you also get the exclusive black model.

Buy now: Dyson V8 Absolute Pro for £350 direct from Dyson, saving £170

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