This is the best value iPhone 8 deal you’ll see all week

Been eyeing up Apple’s flashy new iPhone 8? If you’re still unsure about whether to take the plunge, this excellent iPhone 8 deal on O2 might help you decide.

Available now from online retailer, the deal equips you with unlimited calls and texts and a capacious 10GB of 4G data to play with on the Space Grey iPhone 8 – all for just £39 per month on O2.

There’s an upfront cost of £150, but don’t let that put you off. Paying more upfront means smaller monthly payments and a much more reasonable overall cost for the 24-month contract. We think that £150 is definitely worth parting with to bag this tea-spittingly cheap iPhone 8 deal.

The iPhone 8 launched on September 22 this year as part of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone trio, and there are lots of reasons why you should consider it for your next phone upgrade.

It carries Apple’s new A11 Bionic processor under the hood, which Apple says comes with a host of performance benefits. Combined with the addition of the new iOS 11, it makes the iPhone 8 an absolute speed demon to use.

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iPhone 8 deal

Credit: Max Parker @ TrustedReviews

The same IPS screen found on older iPhones is still there, but Apple has slapped on a daring all-glass back and front to protect the iPhone 8 from knocks, bumps and scratches. In fact, Apple claims it’s the most durable glass in the smartphone world, which should be welcome news for clumsy phone droppers.

There’s an 8-megapixel selfie camera and a 12-megapixel primary camera, along with lots of exciting updates to the camera app and photos, a host of other app improvements and a new set of rather dulcet vocal chords for tired old Siri.

If you’re keen to have it in your pocket for the best possible price, we recommend picking up this iPhone 8 deal over at quick snap. There’s no deadline on the deal, but it’s so cheap we’re not convinced it’ll be around for long.

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