Black Friday Soundbar Bargain: This LG SH7 soundbar with Google Cast, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is just £199.99

BT Shop has slashed the price of the LG SH7 soundbar as part of its Black Friday promotions, so now’s the time to upgrade your audio.

Buy now: LG SH7 just £199.99 at BT Shop, save £100

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch your favourite film and being left scratching your head at what’s being said because your telly’s speakers are so poor. While image quality has been getting better and better, and designs thinner and thinner, TV audio has been rather neglected.

That’s why soundbars have become increasingly popular as people want to make sure the audio is good as the picture quality. The LG SH7 at just £199.99, a saving of £100, is an easy upgrade if you want more oomph from your films.

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This soundbar has 4.1 channels with a dedicated subwoofer to really bring some impact to those explosions. But don’t worry, adaptive sound control optimises the sound mix based on what you’re watching, ensuring dialogue is crystal clear but that audio is still impactful.

With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you also have ways of getting your music to the speakers. The Wi-Fi connection in particular turns the SH7 into a multiroom speaker, letting you play music from various streaming services through either the Music Flow app or via Google Cast.

Now just £199.99, the LG SH7 is a real bargain if you’re in the market for a soundbar.

Buy now: LG SH7 just £199.99 at BT Shop, save £100

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