Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Deals in February 2018

So you’re searching for a new phone contract and nothing but the lovely Samsung Galaxy S8 will do? Here’s our handy list of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals this month – plus the scoop on the latest discounts.

We’ve listed our top picks according to data allowance, making it quick and easy to compare deals and settle on a winner. Whether you’re after bags of data, small upfront costs or simply the cheapest deal overall, there should be a deal in our list that’s perfect for you.

Check out these brilliant Galaxy S8 deals for starters:

Samsung Galaxy S8 | 12GB data on O2 | £32pm & £15 upfront + save £10 with voucher TRUSTED10

12GB of data for £32 per month is a steal, especially with so little to pay up front.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 | 20GB data on O2 | £35pm & £75 upfront + save £10 with voucher TRUSTED10

This limited quadruple data 20GB O2 deal is the best we've seen for such a large data bundle in a while. 20GB for the price of 5GB!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 | 16GB data on O2 | £34pm & £90 upfront + save £10 with voucher TRUSTED10

16GB for £34 per month is a great deal for data guzzlers. The upfront cost really isn't bad either considering the low monthly payment.

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Make sure you use our exclusive voucher code TRUSTED10 at the checkout with the two deals above, and any other Galaxy S8 deals on this page from that have an upfront cost greater than £10. It knocks £10 off the price, which is a decent little saving not to be sniffed at.

If you need a little more convincing that the Galaxy S8 is the phone to carry you through 2018 and beyond, you can check out our full five-star Samsung Galaxy S8 review to discover more about its luscious features. They include a stunning HD Infinity Display, super-fast processor and brilliant Duel Pixel sensor camera.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals – 3GB to 5GB

These small data deals are perfect for people who only use their 4G for light day-to-day phone tasks like message, browsing and emailing. Pick one of these deals if you’re on a small budget or you do most of your heavy browsing when hooked up to Wi-Fi; don’t pick one if you plan to whip out the gorgeous Galaxy S8 every chance you get to binge on internet fun.

Both of the deals below available from quality for our exclusive voucher code TRUSTED10 – simply pop it in at the checkout to get £10 off the upfront cost. The best value deals at the lower end of this data range, with O2, EE and Vodafone, come with bigger upfront payments, but we think it’s worth it to get those competitive monthly payment plans. EE’s 5GB deal is the most sensible if you’re working on a smaller immediate budget.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - 3GB data on O2 - £27pm & £100 upfront with code TRUSTED10

This level of data is perfect if you generally have access to wifi and don't stream music or video on the move. The monthly cost is also nice and low. Save £10 with code TRUSTED10.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals – 8GB to 10GB

Anything above an 8GB data allowance will be more than enough for the average phone user who doesn’t want their internet usage to be too restricted on the lovely Galaxy S8.

The O2 deal below from qualifies for our exclusive voucher code TRUSTED10 – simply use it at the checkout to get £10 off the upfront cost. You really don’t have to pay the earth to bag a big data bundle on the Galaxy S8 at the moment. Three’s 8GB deal is a no-brainer if you don’t have much cash to splash upfront.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - 8GB on Three - £29.99pm & £32 upfront

8GB is a good whack of data for many users unless you're a heavy streamer. This Three deal strikes a good balance between upfront cost and monthly payments.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 - 10GB on O2 - £36pm & £75 upfront with code TRUSTED10

If O2 is your network of choice then this 10GB deal gives you plenty of data and good monthly payments to go with it. Save £10 on the upfront cost with voucher TRUSTED10.

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