Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Deals – Best contract options for March 2018

If you’re looking to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S8, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve put together a list of all of the best deals.

The newly announced Samsung Galaxy S9 might be stealing the limelight, but that doesn’t mean last year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 has been put out to pasture. It’s still a fantastic phone with a gorgeous design (the Galaxy S9 is still very, very similar in looks), plenty of performance and an excellent camera.

Even better, you can now pick one up for a bargain price as it’s a little older. We’ve looked at some of the best contract offers available across all of the UK networks and hand-picked the best prices for you.

Right now, is running a flash deal promotion on its EE contracts meaning you can land a Samsung Galaxy S8 for a bargain price. Act fast, this deal will only last until the end of Monday 19th March.

The top Samsung Galaxy S8 deals right now

FLASH DEAL: Samsung Galaxy S8 – 8GB of data, £30pm, £50 upfront on EE (use code TRUSTED10 to save £10)

This flash deal will only last until Monday 19th March. You better act fast if you want to take advantage of a super low upfront and monthly cost. Use code: TRUSTED10 to instantly save £10.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 – 4GB, £23pm, £210 upfront from Vodafone (use code TRUSTED10 to save £10)

A respectable amount of data for light users and a low monthly cost make this a great choice.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 – 12gb, £32pm, £50 upfront on O2 (use code TRUSTED10 to save £10)

You get lots of data and a low upfront cost with this deal, making it a perfect balance for most users.

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Best  Samsung Galaxy S8 Deals – 4-8GB of data

If you’re only a light data user, these deals will be perfect and ensure you’re not paying for more than you need.

Be sure to use our exclusive code TRUSTED10 when buying from to instantly take £10 off the upfront cost of a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Deals – 10-30GB of data

These are the best deals for heavy data users or anyone planning on tethering their mobile data to a second device. Remember to use our exclusive TRUSTED10 discount code if buying from to instantly save £10.

Samsung Galaxy S8 not the phone for you?

Consider these:

How to pick the right Samsung Galaxy S8 deal for you

Think about what you’re willing to pay upfront

Typically, the more you spend upfront, the less you’ll pay each month for your contract. Not everyone can afford to part with a lot of cash at the beginning, however, so getting a phone on contract can help you spread the cost. Consider your priority when balancing up different contracts and calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the life of the contract. To do this, just multiply the monthly cost by the contract length, then add the upfront cost if there is one.

Again, you might find yourself paying a little more by the end of the contract if you want to pay less upfront, but that’s the compromise you might want to make.

Work out how much data you need

For most people, data is going to be the biggest priority above minutes and texts when it comes to picking the right contract. Nowadays, most contracts will give you more minutes and texts than you’ll ever need, if not just giving you an unlimited amount.

Your data allowance will decide how much you’re able to stream, such as watching Netflix or YouTube, or streaming music from Spotify. You’ll also need to have data to browse the internet over 4G, so you don’t want to be running out. For only light users, 4GB will be the minimum you’ll want just to ensure you never run out.

Heavier users will be looking at double digit data allowances. You can also create a mobile hotspot from your phone to let you tether your mobile data to a secondary device, such as a tablet or phone, letting you share your internet. Some networks will limit how much data can be shared this way.

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