Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Deals: The best contracts in December 2017

Ready to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S7? Here’s our up to date list of the very best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals money can buy this month.

Below, you can browse our favourite Galaxy S7 deals in December from the UK’s top mobile networks, including EE, O2 and Three. All the tariffs below are listed by data allowance, so it’s easy to make a quick price comparison and pick the best value package for you.

Here’s a pair of great Galaxy S7 deals you should check out before reading on:

The best deals we spotted this month range from small data 1GB data deals right up to mammoth 30GB packages for endless internet time on the go. We’re constantly scouring the market for Galaxy S7 deals, and we’ll keep this page updated with the best for all budgets and data needs.

Look out for deals on this page available at online retailer – we’ve got an exclusive voucher code that knocks £10 off the upfront cost. Just type TRUSTED10 at the checkout with any deals on the Galaxy S7 that have an upfront cost greater than £10.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 might not be Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone, but it’s still one of the most popular, reliable and top-performing smartphones on the market.

It wraps a fast Exynos 8890 processor, stunning camera and sleek Android interface inside a svelte, shiny package clad in scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 4. It also carries an IP68 waterproof rating, which means you can dunk the Galaxy S7 into 1m of water for up to 30 minutes without damaging it.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals – 1GB to 3GB

These small data deals are perfect for people who lay off data-heavy apps and browsing when they’re away from Wi-Fi. Pick one of these deals if you’re on a small budget or don’t tend to do much more than message, send emails, use social media apps and indulge in a spot of light internet browsing between work and home.

The 4GB O2 deal in this list qualifies for our exclusive voucher TRUSTED10, which knocks £10 off at the checkout. All the small data deals we spotted this month stick well below £30 per month, with budget network iD mobile offering the very lowest monthly payment package  although you do have to settle for a smaller minutes/texts allowance.

1GB deal on iD – £22.99/month | £49.99 upfront | 600 mins & 5000 texts (iD Mobile)

4GB deal on O2 – £26/month | £40 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

5GB deal on EE – £27.99/month | free upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals – 8GB to 30GB

A deal in between around 8GB and 10GB should suit the average phone user who makes the most out of their 4G allowance while on the go. It’s advisable to grab a deal with more than 10GB if you’re prone to watching lots of videos, gaming, streaming and the like when you’re commuting, waiting for friends or killing some time away from home. Of course, if your appetite for internet is off the scale, then a deal pushing 20GB or 30GB is your best option.


We’ve found a great crop of deals in this data range things month, with O2 dominating the category. The network’s 12GB are superior to any deals we saw elsewhere, offering variations on payment plans depending on whether you have some spare cash to spend upfront.

20GB deal on Three – £25/month | £29.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

8GB deal on EE – £32.99/month | free upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

12GB deal on O2 – £29/month | £49.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (Carphone Warehouse)

12GB deal on O2 – £32/month | free upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

20GB deal on O2 – £35/month | £49.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (Carphone Warehouse)

20GB deal on three – £29/month | free upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

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