Best PS4 Deals: Great PS4 and PS4 Pro deal bundles

PlayStation 4 Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been and gone, but there are still lots of PS4 and PS4 Pro deals to be found. There’s a lot to get through, so we’ve compiled only the very best deals, offers and discounts below for PS4, PS4 Pro, PSVR and more!

Prices change regularly so we’ll keep this updated weekly.

Best PS4 Pro Deals

PS4 Pro 1TB Console – £259.99

Amazon is selling PS4 Pro for just £259.99 right now, far less than the expected RRP.

Buy now from Amazon

PS4 Pro White 1TB Console + Gran Turismo Sport – £299.99

A number of PS4 Pro bundles put on sale amidst the Black Friday madness are sadly out of stock, although some can still be back-ordered for incredible prices.

Buy now from Amazon

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console + Gran Turismo Sport + Call of Duty: WW2 + Fallout 4  – £299.99

This deal from Curry includes a trio of games ranging a bunch of genres, giving diverse gamers a great bundle to get started with.

Buy now from Currys

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Best PlayStation 4 Console Deals

PlayStation 4 500GB Console + Call of Duty WW2 – £199.95

Call of Duty WW2 is one of the finest entries in the blockbuster shooter series in a long time, with Sledgehammer Games knocking expectations out of the park. This bundle gets you the game and a console for under £200.

Buy now from John Lewis

PS4 Glacier White 500GB Console + Star Wars Battlefront 2 – £199.99

Battlefront 2 has just launched, and so myriad bundles have emerged that include DICE’s latest galactic shooter. This is one of the best we’ve seen yet!

Buy now from Tesco

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PlayStation VR Deals of the Week

PlayStation VR headset – £349.85

The cost of a PSVR headset has dropped a little in price this week, with Argos selling the device for just under £250.

Buy now: PlayStation VR headset

PlayStation Camera – £42.95

You’ll be needing a PlayStation Camera to make use of PSVR, and ShopTo remains to cheapest place to pick one up.

Buy now from ShopTo

PlayStation VR Starter Kit – £239.99

If you’re just after the pure PlayStation VR experience, this starter kit from Argos is being offered at a great price.

Buy now from Argos

PlayStation 4 Game Deals of the Week

Final Fantasy XV – £15.99

Explore the beautiful world of FFXV with Noctis and his gang at one of the lowest prices we’ve seen over at Argos.

Buy now from Argos

Call of Duty: WW2 – £36.00

Tesco has Sledgehammer Games’ shooter blockbuster for under £40 right now just weeks after its release.

Buy now from Tesco

WWE 2K18 – £27.99

Wrestlemania season is about to get in full swing, so there’s no better time to play the video game and create the matches you’ve always dreamed of!

Buy now from Argos

Knack 2 – £15.99

Want to see Knack’s adventure continue? Well now you can for just £15.99!

Buy now from Amazon

Hitman: The Complete First Season – Steelbook Edition – £20.49

IO Interactive’s Hitman is one of the finest stealth titles in recent memory, and you can now purchase the entire first season for just £20 or so.

Buy now from Amazon

RiME – £19.99 

Tequila Works’ emotional narrative adventure is one of our top games of 2017, and it’s only £20!

Buy now from Amazon

Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 Remix – £21.50

This collection features almost every game in the Kingdom Hearts series, and they’re all remastered to boot!

Buy now from Amazon

Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition – £24.99

Bethesda’s RPG and all of its downloadable content is only £24.99 over at Amazon right now.

Buy now from Amazon

LEGO City Undercover – £17.85

This charming, open-world LEGO adventure is going for under £20.

Buy now from SimplyGames

Agents of Mayhem – £11.95

Volition’s open-world superhero caper is under £12 on The Game Collection right now, which is definitely worth a go.

Buy now from TheGameCollection

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The Surge – £9.99

Taking inspiration from the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, The Surge is a brutal, futuristic RPG that offers a brilliant challenge.

Buy now from TheGameCollection

Best PlayStation Plus Deal

£36.85 bags you a year of PlayStation Plus access, which allows you to play online, download free games (see below) and benefit from discounts on titles purchased digitally.

Buy now from ShopTo

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