Best PlayStation VR Black Friday Deals

Best PlayStation VR Black Friday Deals: We’ve compiled up all the best discounts, deals and offers for PlayStation VR so you can make sure you’re getting the best price possible this Black Friday!

Virtual reality could be the biggest change to home entertainment since the TV. The ability to completely immerse yourself in your favourite films and games might sound prohibitively expensive, but, with PlayStation VR, it needn’t cost an arm and a leg. Here you’ll find the best PSVR deals around.

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What is PlayStation VR?

PSVR is currently the only virtual reality system for a games console, and Sony wants to take advantage of its immersive capacities to revolutionise how we see, feel, and play games. Though the headset works on the PS4, the more powerful PS4 Pro has the internal grunt to make it the best place to play PSVR games, allowing for better performance and frame rates.

With a beautifully curved headset that feels premium and comfortable on the head, the PSVR offers a premium VR experience at a relatively-affordable price when compared to the likes of the top-end HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. All that led us to give the PSVR a top five-star score in our review.

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Best PSVR Deals

PlayStation VR headset – £349.00

Tesco Direct are selling the headset on its lonesome for £350. Keep in mind that this doesn’t come with the camera required to use it, so make sure you pick one of those up.

Buy now from Tesco Direct

PlayStation VR + PlayStation Camera + PlayStation VR Worlds – £349.99

This is an excellent starter package for virtual reality newcomers, bundling everything you need to get the headset working alongside a great compilation of experiences. Price isn’t too bad, either.

Buy now from Very

PlayStation VR + PlayStation Camera + PlayStation VR Worlds + Move Controller Twin Pack – £399.99

Bundling everything found in the previous package alongside a duo of PlayStation Move controllers, this deal from Smyth’s Toys is another great one.

Buy now from Smyth’s Toys

PlayStation VR Starter Kit + Skyrim VR or GT Sport – £249.99

The first of Sony’s many official Black Friday deals, this one is not to be missed!

Buy now from Amazon

PlayStation VR Starter Kit – £239.99

If you’re just after the pure PlayStation VR experience, this starter kit from Argos is being offered at a great price.

Buy now from Argos

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Best PlayStation VR Accessory Deals

PlayStation Move Controller Twin Pack – £68.99

The Move Controllers aren’t essential for PlayStation VR, but are required for some games and go a long way in enhancing some experiences. Pick a pair up now for just over £60.

Buy now from Amazon

Farpoint + PlayStation VR Aim Controller – £79.97

The PSVR Aim Controller makes it feel as if you’re holding an actual firearm inside virtual reality. Be aware, you’ll also need a Move controller to make it work.

Buy now from Amazon

PlayStation Camera –  £36.85

You’ll need a PlayStation Camera to make use of PlayStation VR, and ShopTo have them going for a reasonable price right now.

Buy now from ShopTo

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Best PlayStation VR Game Deals

Skyrim VR – £42.00 

You can now play the entirety of Skyrim in virtual reality, and that includes its expansions. Disappear into its snowy mountains, decrepit caves, and ancient ruins and say goodbye to the outside world!

Buy now from Amazon

Farpoint – £17.92

Amazon appears to be one of the ideal places to pick up a variety of PSVR games on the cheap right now. First up is Farpoint, coming in at under £20.

Buy now from Amazon

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – £19.87

Next up is another shooter in the forms on on-rails roller coaster Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. While brief, it’s a terrifyingly good time.

Buy now from Amazon

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – £15.00

Playable in its entirety through virtual reality, Resident Evil 7 is a survival horror masterpiece well worth experiencing.

Buy now from Amazon

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