Best Playstation VR deals in August 2017

Best PSVR deals: We’ve rounded up all the best discounts and deals on the PlayStation VR so you can rest assured you’re getting the best price possible on both the headset and accessories.

Virtual reality could be the biggest change to home entertainment since the TV. The ability to completely immerse yourself in your favourite films and games might sound prohibitively expensive, but, with PlayStation VR, it needn’t cost an arm and a leg. Here you’ll find the best PSVR deals around.

What is PlayStation VR?

PSVR is currently the only virtual reality system for a games console, and Sony wants to take advantage of its immersive capacities to revolutionise how we see, feel, and play games. Though the headset works on the PS4, the more powerful PS4 Pro has the internal grunt to make it the best place to play PSVR games, allowing for better performance and frame rates.

With a beautifully curved headset that feels premium and comfortable on the head, the PSVR offers a premium VR experience at a relatively-affordable price when compared to the likes of the top-end HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. All that led us to give the PSVR a top five-star score in our review.

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Best PlayStation VR deal

Sony PlayStation VR + Camera V2 + Farpoint – £324.85 down from £404.98 at ShopTo

Buy now: ShopTo

For a price lower than that of a PSVR headset on its own at some retailers, you can grab the headset with the latest PlayStation camera and a game at ShopTo.

Best PlayStation VR deals

Sony PlayStation VR – £299.86 down from £379.98 at ShopTo

Buy now: ShopTo

If you’re only in the market to pick up a PSVR headset, ShopTo is the place to go for the fewest pounds.

Sony PlayStation VR + Camera V2 + Move – £425.06 at Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

While PlayStation Move controllers aren’t essential, they do increase in-game immersion. Sony’s updated camera, however, is essential, and Amazon is the place to go.

Best PlayStation Camera V2 deals

If you’re picking up a PSVR headset on its own, you’ll need Sony’s PlayStation Camera to get virtual reality running in your living room. The second and current version was refreshed last year, replacing the larger, blockier design with something curvier, and adding a handy stand.

Sony PlayStation Camera V2 – £36.85 down from £44.99 at ShopTo

Buy now: ShopTo

ShopTo currently has the best offer on the essential Sony PlayStation Camera V2 if your chosen bundle doesn’t include it.

We haven’t reviewed the PSVR camera yet, but reviewers on Amazon really liked its quality and value-for-money.

Best Sony PlayStation VR game deals

PlayStation VR Worlds – £15.85 down from £29.99 at ShopTo

Buy now: ShopTo

PlayStation VR Worlds, as a package of five mini-games, is a great way to make a start with virtual reality.

We enjoyed PlayStation VR Worlds, awarding it three stars in our review: “Each offering feels like a completely different experience, ranging from the entirely passive to an action-packed shooter.”

Farpoint – £17.86 down from £54.99 at ShopTo

Buy now from ShopTo

We weren’t entirely convinced by Farpoint as a game, but we fully recommend picking it up just to experience the majesty of the PSVR Aim Controller.

We said: “The only reason to buy this game is to experience it with the Aim Controller, and I’m almost tempted to recommend that VR enthusiasts buy the bundle for the Aim alone. It’s simply that good.”

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – £13.99 at Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

Test your nerve on the cheap by experiencing the terror of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, now only £13.99 at Amazon.

In our review we said: “If you’re a fan of horror, and want a good shooter for your new PlayStation VR, go for this. However, if you hate jump scares, steer clear. You’ve been warned.”

Best Sony PlayStation VR accessories deals

Sony PlayStation Move Twin Pack – £68.99 at Smyths Toys

Buy now: Smyths Toys

A pair of Move controllers aren’t essential to get your PSVR set going, but they really do increase immersion in your favourite games.

In our review we said: “Move ups the ante for motion controls with greater accuracy, flexibility and finesse than any rival.”

Plantronics RIG 4VR gaming headset – £49.85 at Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

Visual immersion is one thing, but you’re going to need to throw a nice pair of headphones into the mix to truly experience virtual worlds. The Plantronics RIG 4GR is cheap, but remains a perfect fit for PSVR.

We thought that Plantronics RIG 4VR complemented PSVR very well, saying: “The Plantronics RIG 4VR was clearly designed for the PSVR, and they go very nicely with each other.

Sony PlayStation VR headset stand – £21.85 down from £29.99 at Base

Buy now: Base

When you’re not using your PSVR, show it off in style with this officially-licensed headset stand.

We haven’t reviewed this PSVR headset stand, but those who bought it on Amazon liked its value-for-money and the safety it brought to the unit.

Sony PlayStation VR Headset Protection Case – £23.99 at My Memory

Buy now: My Memory

If you want to take your PSVR on the go and share with your friends, make sure you pick up this snugly-padded PSVR Headset Protection Case from My Memory.

We haven’t reviewed this case yet, but buyers on Amazon appreciated the build quality and protection the case gave their PSVRs.

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