Best Kindle Deals: Save £20 on a Paperwhite right now

When it comes to e-readers, the Amazon Kindle offers the best experience around. So why not make it even better by bagging yourself a bargain and picking up one of these awesome Amazon Kindle deals?

Whether you’re an existing Kindle user who needs something new, or a first-time Kindle buyer ready to embark on the e-reader lifestyle, it can be tough choosing which device to buy. The Kindle family has expanded in recent years, and there’s a Kindle out there for everyone if you know what you’re looking for.

Being the mother of the Kindle, Amazon is obviously the best go-to retailer.On occasion, though, you may find an offer at a retailer such as Currys or John Lewis. We’ve looked everywhere to make sure the Kindle deals below are the best around, and we’ll simply show you the full-price listings if there aren’t any deals to be bagged elsewhere.

Here are the best Kindle deals you can find right now.

Best Kindle Deals: Save £20 on the Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has currently knocked £20 off the RRP of the Kindle Paperwhite, bringing it down from £109.99 to an even more affordable £89.99. Or, you can opt for the 3G version for a little more but with a similar £20 saving.

Best Kindle Deals

Kindle Paperwhite - Includes Special Offers | Now £109.99

This Kindle is conveniently sized, offering a 6-inch high resolution display, built-in reading light, and Wi-Fi for all your downloading needs. We gave it a nearly perfect 9/10 score in our Kindle Paperwhite review and rate it as the best e-reader for most people's needs.

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Kindle Paperwhite 3G E-reader - Includes Special Offers | Now £169.99

Alternatively, those looking for additional on-the-go options can plump for the cellular version of the Paperwhite, which comes with free 3G as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

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You can pay an extra £10 with the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite deals to remove the Special Offers feature – sponsored screensavers that display when the Kindle is in sleep mode. It’s worth knowing in case you’re after a peaceful and ad-free reading experience. When buying from Amazon, just select that option below the price details.

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Best Cheap Kindle Deals: Lowest Amazon prices right now

There are loads more Kindle devices to consider, though the deals we’ve highlighted above are the best of the best. Not sure if they’re right for you? Here are the best prices we’ve found on Amazon for the rest of the Kindle line-up. Alternatively, scroll down for a quick explainer on how to choose the best Kindle for your needs.

Kindle (Wi-Fi only) for £59.99

Kindle Voyage (Wi-Fi only) for £169.99

Kindle Voyage (refurbished Wi-Fi only) for £144

All-new Kindle Oasis (8GB Wi-Fi) for £229.99 

All-new Kindle Oasis (32GB Wi-Fi) for £259.99 

Kindle Oasis (32GB Wi-Fi and free 3G) for £319.99

Best Cheap Kindle deals: Which Kindle should you buy?

The humble e-reader has come a long way since the first-generation launched in all of its greyscale, QWERTY keyboard-clad glory back in 2007 (yep, it really is 10 years since the Kindle was born). There are currently 4 models available to buy, all sporting touchscreens, Wi-Fi, vastly improved displays and features galore.

First up is the basic Kindle, a budget crowdpleaser at just £59.99. It has a 6-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi and a nice long battery life. Then there’s the aforementioned Kindle Paperwhite, resplendent with a built-in light, glare-free screen and fast performance. It’s available with Wi-Fi only, or both Wi-Fi and 3G. Currently, the lowest price is just £94.99 –  a £15 price cut – and it’s  our favourite Kindle deal of the moment.

Get Deal: Kindle Paperwhite (Wi-Fi) for £89.99 from Amazon – save £20

On the flashier end of the scale is the Kindle Voyage, which comes with haptic sensors, a sharp 300 pixels-per-inch display and adaptive front light. It’s sleek, skinny and perfect for the avid traveller – priced at £169.99, or £229.99 with both Wi-Fi and 3G.

If you’re serious about your reading tech, the Kindle Oasis is the priciest and most feature-rich Kindle going. It’s a much slimmed down version of the Kindle Voyage, and Amazon is about to roll out a newly updated version complete with waterproofing, a high-res display and an adaptive front light. Prices start at £229 for the Wi-Fi only version.

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