Best iPhone X Deals: The best network contracts for March 2018

We’ve done the leg work for you and found the best iPhone X contract deals across all of the UK’s best networks for March.

The iPhone X was a welcome breath of fresh air after Apple largely retained the same design for three iPhone generations. Its almost bezel-less front has quickly become iconic and it leaves you wondering why Apple didn’t ditch the home button sooner.

Be sure to read our iPhone X review to learn everything you need to know about Apple’s flagship.

But the iPhone X is also Apple’s priciest iPhone ever, with a SIM free RRP from £999.99. That’s a serious investment if you want to be the envy of your friends and not everyone can afford such a large initial outlay.

Amazon SIM Free Unlocked Deal

Amazon has wiped off a substantial £81 from the usual unlocked SIM free price for an iPhone X, meaning you can pick up an iPhone X 64GB model for just £917.99.

Buy now: iPhone X 64GB Space Grey, save £81, now just £917.99 at Amazon

Fortunately, we’ve trawled through all of the best contract prices to help save you money. We’ve looked at the offers from O2, Vodafone, EE, Three and iD Mobile when hand-picking the best.

These are the deals we feel will be the best choice for most people:

Top iPhone X deals right now

iPhone X 64GB – 8GB of data, £57pm, no upfront cost on Three

Plenty of data for most users and no upfront cost whatsoever make this a great choice if you're not looking to spend much at the beginning of your contract.

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iPhone X 64GB – 20GB of data, £51pm, £149 upfront on O2

If you're a high data user, this is a great choice with more than most people will need with a low upfront cost.

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iPhone X 64GB – 30GB of data, £57pm, £59.99 upfront on Three

If you absolute need lots of data then the low upfront cost and manageably monthly cost here will check the right boxes.

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Scroll down to see more deals ranked by considering a combination of the total cost of ownership (TCO) and upfront cost, and split them based on data allowance. Be sure to jump to the bottom of the page for how best to choose the right deal based on your needs.

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Best iPhone X Deals – 5GB to 10GB

iPhone X

If you only need a moderate amount of data a month, there’s no point paying over the odds for data you’re definitely not going to use. These deals will get you the best bang for your buck while still letting you stream a good amount of content each month.

If buying from, use our exclusive voucher code TRUSTED10 to take £10 off the upfront cost of an iPhone X.

Best iPhone X deals - 5GB to 10GB data

iPhone X 64GB – 8GB of data, £57pm, £0 upfront on Three

This contract is ideal if you don't want to pay anything upfront and you get a very healthy amount of data each month. There's also unlimited calls and texts. Sold by

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iPhone X 64GB – 10GB of data, £48pm, £270 upfront on EE

If you want to bring down your monthly cost and want extra data, this is a good deal from EE. This includes unlimited calls and texts.

Sold by

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iPhone X 64GB – 4GB of data, £51pm, £234.99 upfront on Vodafone

If you don't need a lot of data, this deal will provide a happy medium between the upfront and monthly cost. This also comes with unlimited calls and texts. Sold by

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Best iPhone X Deals – 15GB to 30GB

Consider yourself a heavy data user? Then these will be the deals for you. You won’t be left worrying you might go over your data allowance, and there’ll be enough data to allow you to tether a secondary device.

Some of these deals aren’t much more than the contracts with less data, so they’re worth considering if there’s a chance you might start wanting more.

Our pick of the bunch is the 30GB option. There’s plenty here even if you plan on streaming to your heart’s content, and there’s unlimited calls and texts, too. A low upfront cost rounds off a great deal.

Best iPhone X deals – 10-30GB of data

iPhone X 64GB – 30GB, £57pm, £34.99 upfront on Three

This is our pick of the bunch if you’re a heavy data user. There’s plenty here even if you plan on streaming to your heart’s content, and there’s unlimited calls and texts, too. A low upfront cost rounds off a great deal.

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iPhone X 64GB – 20GB, £44pm, £250 upfront on O2 (use code TRUSTED10 to save £10)

You get a healthy amount of data here alongside low monthly costs. It's a good choice if you don't mind the slightly higher initial outlay upfront. Don't forget to use our exclusive code to save.

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iPhone X 64GB – 20GB, £49pm, £185 upfront on O2 (use code TRUSTED10 to save £10)

A bit of a tweak on the above deal that reduces the upfront cost for a higher monthly rate. Don't forget to use our code to take the upfront cost down further.

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iPhone X 64GB – 20GB, £51pm, £149 upfront on O2

You can also take the upfront cost down further with this option, similarly on O2.

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iPhone X not the phone for you?

Consider these:

How to choose the right iPhone X deal for you

iPhone X

Make sure you have enough data

Practically every contract is going to offer you more than enough minutes and texts than you’ll ever need, if not just providing an unlimited amount. Most people will therefore prioritise how much data is provided each month, as this will impact how much browsing and streaming you can do.

As more and more of us use the likes of iMessage, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to message and call one another, traditional texts and minutes are also becoming more redundant. It’s all about that data.

If you’re going to be a moderate data user – such as streaming only a little Netflix, YouTube or Spotify over 4G – then you’ll want to aim for at least 5-10GB of data a month. If you plan on tethering your 4G connection, so that you can have internet access on your laptop or tablet, you’ll likely want to have at least 15GB of data each month if not more.

Be sure to compare contract prices between lower data and higher data tariffs, too. Increasingly, you get a much better deal for more data, sometimes paying the same money. There’s really no reason not to go for more data than you think you might need in that case. It’ll leave you some breathing room if you do suddenly find yourself binge-watching your favourite show on your next train journey.

iPhone X

Decide what you’re willing to pay upfront

As mentioned, the Apple iPhone X is a seriously pricey phone if you buy it SIM free. Not everyone has £999.99 lying around to buy one outright, so a contract is the best way to get hold of a shiny new iPhone and spread the cost.

Different contracts will have different upfront costs, which is the amount you pay at the beginning for the iPhone X. Paying more at the beginning can mean paying less each month, and vice versa. Typically, if you pay more upfront you’ll spend less over the course of the contract (called the Total Cost of Ownership or TCO).

To work out the TCO of a contract, simply multiply the monthly cost by the term of the contract (typically 24 months), then add the upfront cost. While you might be put off by a higher TCO, keep in mind your personal financial circumstances. While you might end up paying more in the long run, a lower upfront cost could be the key to landing yourself your perfect phone.

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