Best iPhone 8 Deals: The best contracts available in January 2018

So you’re finally succumbing to the allure of Apple’s snazzy new flagship iPhone? About time! Here’s our infinitely handy roundup of all the best iPhone 8 deals available this month.

We’ve been scouring the market ever since Apple launched the fabulous iPhone 8 for the very best deals available to pick up in the UK, so we know a bargain when we see one.

Our quick and simple list below features top picks from the very best mobile networks around. Now that the iPhone 8 has been established a few months, tariffs are cheaper and you don’t have to make a huge financial sacrifice to have the latest Apple tech snug in your pocket.

Here are two brilliant iPhone 8 deals worth checking out before you scroll down:

  • 10GB deal on O2 – £35/month | £170 upfront | use voucher code TRUSTED10
  • 15GB deal on EE – £37.99/month | £100 upfront | use voucher code TRUSTED10

You’ll find plenty more variety further down this page, and we’ve organised our top picks by data allowance to help you compare tariffs across networks at a glance.

Make sure you use our exclusive voucher code TRUSTED10 at the checkout when buying one of our iPhone 8 deals from retailer It’s valid with any deal with an upfront cost greater than £10, and knocks a tidy £10 off the price. That’s certainly not a saving to be sniffed at.

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So what’s all the fuss about the iPhone 8? Apple’s new iPhone landed in September 2017, debuting a host of exciting new features. A sleek, all-glass coating gives it a high-end finish, while Apple’s new performance enhancing A11 Bionic Processor makes it run furiously fast. It comes loaded with the new iOS 11, and has a cracking camera and display to boot.

You can read our full iPhone 8 review to find out more about its cutting edge features, or simply keep scrolling to find yourself the perfect contract.

Best iPhone 8 deals – 2GB to 5GB

We recommend picking a deal with between 3GB and 5GB of data if you regularly reach for your phone between work and home to message, browse, watch videos, send emails, and other general phone tasks that require the heavenly powers of 4G. However, if you watch lots of videos and TV, stream, download or play games avidly when you’re out and about, you should probably look towards a big data deal from the 10GB+ category below.

All iPhone 8 deals below from retailer qualify for our exclusive voucher code TRUSTED10, which knocks off £10 from the upfront cost – simply enter it at the checkout. That price drop is particularly welcome given that all of the best value iPhone 8 deals we spotted at the moment carry a sizeable upfront cost – the cheapest being with EE on an affordable 5GB data deal at £119.99 upfront. With the iPhone 8 being the phone to own right now, though, that kind of upfront bill is to be expected. On the upside, the monthly payments on the deals in this category are nice and low, which is why it’s often worth paying more upfront.

2GB deal on iD – £29.99/month | £189.99 upfront | 600 mins & 5000 texts (iD Mobile)

3GB deal on O2 – £35/month | £170 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

4GB deal on Vodafone – £38/month | £144.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

5GB deal on EE – £37.99/month | £119.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

5GB deal on O2 – £39/month | £125 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

Best iPhone 8 deals – 8GB to 20GB

If you’re not confident you’ll be able to tear yourself away from the iPhone 8’s luscious screen and glossy body once it belongs to you, then you should probably pick a deal with at least 8GB worth of data. Around the 8GB to 15GB data point is perfect for the average phone user, but big data deals around the 20GB mark are advisable if you’ve got a healthy appetite for internet when you’re away from Wi-Fi.

All iPhone 8 deals below from qualify for our exclusive voucher code TRUSTED10, which knocks off £10 from the upfront cost – simply enter it at the checkout. O2 isn’t always the cheapest network, but we’re digging its 10GB and 20GB iPhone 8 deals at the moment, so don’t be too quick to dismiss the network from your upgrade search. EE’s 15GB deal is perfect if you’ve got less cash to splash upfront. Overall, we’d say it’s refreshing to see plenty of deals sitting comfortably below the £40-per-month point, and people might be surprised to find that a luxurious iPhone 8 deal isn’t necessarily out of their price range after all.

8GB deal on EE – £37.99/month | £139.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (e2save)

10GB deal on O2 – £35/month | £170 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

15GB deal on EE – £37.99/month | £100 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

20GB deal on O2 – £39/month | £150.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

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