Best iPad Deals in October 2017

On the market for a shiny new iPad, but don’t wanna break the bank getting it? Then you’re in luck, as we’ve trawled the internet to find the best iPad deals on the market.

Back in the day, knowing which tablet you wanted was pretty simple: if you wanted something to watch movies and play apps on you bought an iPad. But with Apple having extended its tablet range to include swish new Pro, Mini and Air versions, knowing which to get can be tricky.

iPad Deals: Which iPad should you get?

The iPad 9.7-inch is the latest standard model and the perfect all-rounder for gaming, browsing and working. The iPad Pro is a more feature-rich option if you’re planning on doing some serious tablet-gazing, but the iPad 9.7-inch offers the perfect balance of functionality and price, and is the go-to iPad for most people.

The iPad Pro is a big step up from the iPad 9.7-inch, in price, size and functionality. You have the choice of iPad Pro 10.5– or 12.9-inch versions. Both offer the best screen, camera and performance we’ve seen on a tablet.

If you want the full functionality of an iPad but in a smaller model, the iPad mini 4 will be right up your street. It’s lighter and more manageable in one hand than its bigger brothers, and while typing is trickier because of the smaller keyboard, it’s a great size for reading and commuting. This is also the cheapest iPad you can get.

In short, if you want a tablet just for Netflix binges and web browsing then stick to the iPad 9.7-inch, or iPad mini if portability is important. But if you want the best iPad and are prepared to pay for it, the iPad Pro is the best tablet you can get.

iPad Deals: 4G or just Wi-Fi?

Before you take the plunge, you need to decide if you’re happy with Wi-Fi alone, or if you need an iPad that gives you freedom to browse the internet on the go. The Wi-Fi only option is cheaper, but an iPad with cellular capabilities may be more useful if you plan to use your iPad out and about a fair amount.

The cheapest way to get an iPad with data is to buy the model upfront and purchase a SIM-only plan separately, however this comes with a big upfront cost. The alternative is to buy a contract that covers the cost of the iPad as well as data, but this will cost you more over time.

iPad Deals: Storage

All iPads come with different amounts of storage, and the amount on each is unchangeable, so you should carefully consider how much you’ll need prior to purchasing your new tablet. Running out of storage can be really annoying and means you may not be able to have all the photos, music or videos you want with you.

32GB will hold a decent amount of music, photos and apps; however, if you download a lot of videos, music and games, aim for 128GB. Anything above that will be overkill for most people.

The iPad 9.7-inch comes in a 32GB or 128GB model. The iPad Pro is available with 64GB, 256GB or 512GB. The iPad mini is only available with 128GB.

Best iPad 9.7-inch Deals

The iPad 9.7-inch with Wi-Fi-only retails at £339 for the 32GB model and £429 for the 128GB model. You can find cheap iPad deals from some retailers you may not have heard of. Please take these offers with modicum of caution. For example, eGlobal Central offers the 32Gb version for £264.99, saving you £74 but reviews of this seller are less than glowing. We recommend choosing a retailer you know and trust to reduce any potential issues down the line.

SAVE £31 – £308 for silver 32GB Wi-Fi model from Amazon

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Best 9.7-inch iPad deals on contract

The 32GB SIM card model retails at £469 while the beefier 128GB version costs £559 up front. If you want to lower your upfront cost you may prefer to buy the iPad on contract from a carrier.

EE is currently offering the 32GB 9.7-inch iPad with 20GB of 4G data for £43.20/month, a marked discount on its standard £48/month rate.

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O2, meanwhile, has the exact same package for £39/month with a small upfront cost of £22.99, which works out even cheaper over the 24 month contract than EE’s bargain deal.

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Best iPad Pro Deals

The iPad Pro 10.5-inch with Wi-Fi only generally retails at £619 for the 64GB model, £709 for the 256GB model and £889 for the 512GB model. If you want the Apple Pencil for sketching or drawing then you’ll need to buy that separately. It costs £99 from Apple.

Best iPad Pro Deals – 10.5-inch

Amazon’s currently selling the 64GB Wi-Fi only iPad Pro for £604.57, offering buyers a £14 saving.

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The SIM-card model of the 64GB iPad Pro retails for £619, the 256GB for £839 f and 512 GB for £1019.

Three is currently selling the 64GB 10.5-inch iPad pro with 10 GB of data for £99 on a £45/month contract.

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Best iPad Pro Deals – 12.9-inch

The iPad Pro 12.9-inch with Wi-Fi only retails at £769 for the 64GB model, £859 for the 256GB model and £1039 for the 512 GB model.

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Best refurbished iPad deals

Refurbished iPads from Apple come with one year warranty, however they are usually previous generation models so make sure to check you’re getting the version you want before buying.

Pricing for a refurbished 256GB Wi-Fi only, previous generation model starts at £699, saving you £160.

Buy now from Apple

The SIM-card model retails at £899 for the 64GB storage version, £989 for 256GB and £1169 for 512GB.

It’ll currently cost you £799 for a refurbished 256GB previous generation iPad with 4G, saving you £190.

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Best iPad mini 4 Deals

The new iPad mini comes with a whopping 128GB of onboard storage. The WiFi only version retails at £419, add 4G and that price rises to £549.

It’ll cost you £359 for a refurbished model.

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Alternatively you can get one off Amazon for £369.30

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Student and teacher discount

Shop at the Apple Store for Education and save up to £270 on a new Mac, and up to £59 on a new iPad. Education pricing is available to current and newly accepted university students, parents buying for university students, and teachers and staff at all levels.

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