Google Chromecast Deal: Price down to just £19 at Tesco

Looking for a way to cut the cord and scrap that expensive TV subscription? Picking up a Google Chromecast is a great way to do just that.

The good news is that supermarket giant has discounted the Google Chromecast significantly for its Tesco Black Friday sales, bringing the price down from its usual £30 R.R.P to just £19 – that’s an £11 saving.

Buy Now: Google Chromecast at Tesco for £19 – save £11

Most major retailers – including John Lewis – are still selling the media streaming device for the full £30 listed price, so it’s worth bagging this bargain while you can. It has been discounted to £19 before, but it’s rare so if you want one, buy one now.

Google Chromecast is a smart way to watch TV over the internet, courtesy of a built-in Wi-Fi connection. Simply plug the Chromecast into the back of your TV using a HDMI port, and you’ll have access to a huge range of apps.

You can watch content from services like BBC iPlayer, Now TV, and Netflix, and even mirror content from your smartphone or tablet. It works with both Android and Apple products, so if you’re an iPhone user you can use it hassle-free.

This deal has also been price-match by Currys:

Buy Now: Google Chromecast at Currys for £19 – save £11

We gave the Google Chromecast a 4/5 score in our review, praising the device’s compact design, enhanced app, and the great value for money on offer. That was at the full asking price.

Here’s our verdict, based at the full £30 review price: “Google’s latest streamer is definitely worth a look.”
It continued: “The Chromecast 2 remains one of the best value-for-money streamers on the market, offering functionality traditionally seen on entertainment boxes that are close to twice, if not three times its price.”

“I’d also recommend any iOS user on a budget to check out the Chromecast 2 before shelling out for an Apple TV as well.”

Buy Now: Google Chromecast at Tesco for £19 – save £11

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