Best 4K TV Deals 2018: Save £100 on these top Samsung 4K HDR TVs this weekend

Looking to buy a cheap 4K TV? Our guide to the best 4K TV deals is your one-stop-shop for all the latest and greatest Ultra HD TV offers.

This weekend, Currys is price slashing a number of top 4K HDR TVs by up to £100 – and you’ll find the exclusive discount codes you need to take advantage of these fantastic bargains right here on Trusted Reviews.

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All you need to do is enter the code LSTV100 at checkout and you’ll see a cool £100 wiped off a top TV from leading ‘big four’ brands Samsung and Panasonic – check out the Panasonic deal here, or read on for why we’d lean towards the Samsung offer.

So, why do we think the Samsung UE49MU6470 price cut is particularly worth checking out? Well, it’s from the same series as the Samsung UE49MU6400 we gave an 8/10 score review score to, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality 4K TV for your dosh. The 65-inch, 55-inch and 40-inch variants are also on offer and enjoy the same discount. We generally think 49 or 55 inches is the sweet spot for most living rooms, but you know what’s going to suit you best.

We particularly liked its sharp picture, good colours, intuitive software, and attractive design, deeming it a great entry-level 4K for those looking to make the leap.

Alternatively, there’s a solid Sharp Full HD LED set discounted by £30, if you’re after a second screen for the bedroom – or just something more modestly priced.

As before, use the code LSTV30 at checkout to get this offer. We haven’t reviewed it so can’t really vouch for it, but it does seem to offer a good selection of streaming and catchup apps, as well as a healthy three HDMI ports. But we’d personally pony up for one of the Samsung sets listed above – for a couple of hundred quid extra, it’s frankly worth jumping on the 4K caboose at this stage.

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