Get a Fire TV Stick or 4K Ultra HD Fire TV for less with these cheeky deals

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick Deals: Hottest Fire TV offers available in February 2018

You’ve probably seen the adverts starring Jeremy Clarkson which big up Amazon’s latest streaming device. And he’s right – there’s no doubt the Amazon Fire TV Stick is perfect for those who prefer to binge on a series or rely on catch-up TV because their schedule doesn’t allow much time for watching TV in real-time. So, if you want to take Jezza’s advice, here are all the best Amazon Fire TV Stick deals around right now.

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick Deal: Editor’s Choice

Amazon Fire TV Stick deals

Want to buy a Fire TV Stick and save a cheeky £5? You’re in luck.

The best place to buy the Fire TV stick right now is directly from Amazon, where it’s currently on deal for just £35 from its regular £40 RRP. It’s the cheapest its been since the Black Friday and Christmas sales, so represents a healthy saving on this great dongle. This deal is live at 9am GMT on Wednesday, February 7.

Get Deal: Amazon Fire TV Stick for just £34.99 – save £5.

The diminutive Fire TV Stick is the ultimate plug-and-play home entertainment solution. Simply slot it into your set’s HDMI port, connect it to Wi-Fi, and you’ll find a rich array of content at your fingertips. The latest version even comes with Alexa support, so you can add some voice control smarts to your TV as well.

With support for nearly all popular streaming platforms, including Prime Video, Netflix and iPlayer, plus YouTube and Spotify, it’s the ultimate stocking filler and you can even install Kodi on Fire TV dongles and see what all the fuss is about for yourself!

Get Deal: Amazon Fire TV Stick for just £34.99 – save £5.

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick Deals: Should I buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick?

The device transforms your television into a smart TV. Simply plug it into the HDMI port in your television, connect to Wi-Fi, and you’re free to stream from Amazon Prime Video (obviously), Netflix, ITV, iPlayer plus several other services like Spotify and YouTube. With more than 7000 apps available, you’ll never be stuck for something to watch again.

If you’re looking for a way to watch on-demand television in one easy place, the Amazon Fire TV stick is perfect. You don’t need an Amazon Prime subscription, but it will give you access to lots of additional content. Similarly, to make full use of the stick you need other subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick deals

The biggest difference to the older model of Fire Stick is the new Alexa Voice Remote. This allows you to switch on your favourite channel by speaking into the voice-controlled remote. You can also use the other Alexa features to find out what the weather is like or the latest sports scores.

The quad-core processor in the new model is also much faster than in previous versions, resulting in a much slicker experience. What’s more, the interface has recently had an upgrade, making it easier to find programmes from other providers.

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Best Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra HD Stick Deals

If you have a 4K television, you might be more interested in the Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD to really make your content pop. It’s bigger than the Amazon Fire TV stick and offers 4K content, which the Fire Stick does not.

At £69.99, it is more expensive – though right now, it’s a tidy £10 off and available on deal at Amazon for just £59.99 from 9am GMT on Wednesday, February 7.

Get Deal: Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra HD for just £59.99 – save £10

Once again, although an Amazon Prime subscription is not essential, it does make the whole service more worthwhile. It has 2GB of memory, comes with the Alexa Voice Control Remote and is also larger than the Fire Stick. It does have an attractive sleek finish, which we’re rather fond of.

Amazon has recently unveiled a brand-new streaming stick, packing 4K and HDR support along with an Alexa remote. This currently is available for £69.99 – a tenner cheaper than the previous 4K box.

Get Deal: Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra HD for just £59.99 – save £10

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