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Key Features

  • 28 litre capacity
  • 900W microwave cooking power
  • 1300W grill function
  • Manufacturer: Daewoo
  • Review Price: £113.00


This mid-sized entrant from Daewoo has a 28 litre (0.9 cubic foot) capacity packaged into external dimensions of H31.1 x W51.3 x D40.1cms. Not the largest option on the market, but probably not the perfect choice if your kitchen is petite, the Daewoo SKOC9Q1TSL delivers 900W of microwave power plus a 1300W grill function and a 1950W conventional oven with all cooking modes being fan assisted.

Feature-rich, the Daewoo SKOC9Q1TSL plays host to 10 microwave power levels, auto defrost programs for fish, poultry and meat, a keep warm function (useful when the ‘phone rings just as you’re getting ready to plate) and various auto-cook and one-touch cook menus. The unit also has an internal steam clean function to assist in keeping the cavity clean and hygienic – helped, too by the fact that the cavity walls are stainless steel rather than the increasingly widespread plastic.

All of the functions work as described and the oven is straightforward to use. The buttons are clearly marked and labelled and the colours used for the icons and the script stand out well from the black background. Also at 16.6kg the unit is substantial – not much movement when pushing buttons and pulling handles. There is a child lock for, well, locking out children.

There’s no fancy multi-point microwave emission here; nevertheless performance is very good with consistent, all-the-way-through cooking. The defrost programs work well too.

With few criticisms against the Daewoo SKOC9Q1TSL, a device that is far from the sexiest looking microwave on the market, the smoked glass in the door does make it difficult to keep an eye on cooking progress. Some users may also find the ‘beeps’ annoyingly loud. These, though, are trivial niggles in what is a fine piece of kit.