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Daewoo KOR8AOR



Daewoo KOR8AOR


Key Features

  • 23 litre capacity
  • 800W microwave cooking power
  • Glass turntable
  • Manufacturer: Daewoo
  • Review Price: £70.00

Daewoo KOR8AOR

An 800W microwave-only offering with a useful 23 litre (0.8 cubic foot) capacity the all-black Daewoo KOR8AOR looks like something from Darth Vader’s kitchen. Compact at H27.9 x W46.5 x D36.6cms, the unit’s cool, slightly sinister looks mean it will look good in almost any kitchen environment - it’s easy to keep clean too; at least on the outside. The cavity has painted walls that may age badly, and if they get scratched they become very difficult to clean.

With ten power settings and a digital display that shows the usual information – cook time, power level, etc, the Daewoo KOR8AOR, slightly unusually, sees the cook time set using a dial – what this gains on the simplicity swings it loses on the precision roundabout. It doesn’t have much in the way of advanced features, but this actually makes it very easy to use and doesn’t adversely affect the performance. Just select the power setting, dial up a time and off you go.

Making a perfectly good fist of both cooking and defrosting, the Daewoo KOR8AOR features a glass turntable which ensures even heat distribution whilst being removable for easy cleaning. The oven is rather more noisy than you would expect particularly at full power, although this isn’t really a major problem. Some elements of the construction also feel a bit flimsy; notably the door handle – although in its defence the latching mechanism isn’t too sturdy so it doesn’t hop around when you pull the door open.

Overall a good performer and a machine that makes a virtue out of not being at the cutting edge of technology – it does what you want and no more.