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Cresyn C720H review

Andrew Williams




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Cresyn C720H
  • Cresyn C720H
  • Cresyn C720H
  • Cresyn C720H
  • Cresyn C720H
  • Cresyn C720H
  • Cresyn C720H
  • Cresyn C720H


Our Score:



  • Balanced, high-quality sound
  • Fantastic value


  • They're huge
  • Slightly plasticy build
  • Need a treble boost for best results

Key Features

  • 4cm drivers
  • 3.5mm jack with 6.3mm adapter
  • 3m braided cable
  • Oversized cup design
  • Pleather pads, leather headband
  • Manufacturer: Cresyn
  • Review Price: £65.99

Haven't heard of Cresyn? We're not surprised. The Korean manufacturer of affordable audio kit has been around since the 50s in one form or another, but its current headphone range has only recently crash-landed in the UK. The Cresyn C720H are the highest-end model currently available. They're huge, bold-looking and just £65. But if they sound as gaudy as they look, they could be in trouble.

Cresyn is a budget brand, with headphones and earphones starting at less than ten pounds. Retailing for £65, the C720H fit into the lower mid-range of what you'd expect to pay for a decent set of over-the-ears cans. They're made of plastic, apart from the pleather ear pads and leather headband - props go to Cresyn for including the latter though.

Cresyn C720H

Each headphone is covered with a grille that indicates these might be an open-backed pair. They're not. This grille is purely ornamental, laid on top of a standard black and silver plastic backing. This naturally adds a few millimetres to the bodies, and demonstrates the design philosophy that seems to be at work here - bigger is better.

Reducing the size of the C720H could perhaps have an adverse affect on sound quality, but it seems pretty unlikely on a set of cans of this calibre. Their closed-back design means you could take them on public transport without broadcasting your musical taste to your fellow passengers, but you'll need to discard your shame and pride to do so - they really are that big. Especially if you're a pale, white, middle-class male like the majority of the TrustedReviews team.

Cresyn C720H 3

We took them out for a spin on the rail network to see how they deal with ambient noise, and found that in fact they only offer average noise isolation. The fit they exert on your head is a light one, so noise isn't reduced as much as an IEM earphone or a tighter over-the-ears set. However, they obviously remain a much better choice for travelling than leaky ear buds or an open-backed pair.

Cresyn doesn't intend the C720H as an on-the-go headphone though. The cable, which is non-detachable, is 3m long and braided - clearly meant for home use. Thanks to the fairly low-tech headband, kept in place with some form of rubber-band style material that passes through the band itself, we noticed an occasional annoying creaking sound when walking about with them on anyway, the movement causing small adjustments in the headband.

Cresyn C720H

The jack is a dual 3.5mm and 6.3mm model. The 6.3mm extension screws in, making it look like a seamless addition rather than an adapter - rather neat. While the headphones themselves are rather plasticy and oversized, the cable and jack are surprisingly high-quality - even if the braided material simply covers a standard plastic cable.

The only unusual thing about the design of the Cresyn C720H is its ear pads, which are irregularly shaped, with a thin section at one end. When we received them, we found the positioning of the pads made it impossible to get the headphones to clamp on properly, reducing sound quality and decimating the otherwise comfortable fit. Thankfully, they're circular and are happy to swivel around on the cups - so you should be able to get a decent fit with a couple of minutes of experimentation. For a moment we thought we had a 5/10 pair of headphones on our hands. Thankfully, post-tweak, they're much better than that.

Thanks to iHeadphones for supplying our review unit.

Julian Bell

June 9, 2011, 3:52 pm

Great review as always, just noticed you've got 5.3mm adapter in the review and key features sections which should probably be 1/4" or 6.3mm being the standard size for full size headphone jacks.


June 9, 2011, 3:57 pm

Thanks for the spot Julian. That was either a typo/blonde moment/premature senior moment. Take your pick!


June 16, 2011, 1:50 am

I bought these on the strength of the review and because I needed a new set for home use.

I'm impressed with the build quality, but I have to admit I thought you were exaggerating on the size issue. But they are truely enormous - seriously massive. I like the braided cable, especially as the cable is hardwired into the headphones and thus not easily replaceable.


March 17, 2012, 1:05 pm


I bought these headphones based off this review also.. Have to say they had great sound and couldn't hear much else while listening... Only problem is everyone else could still hear me!!

If you want something that will give you good sound, reduce noise around you then these are great, but in my view if everyone else can still hear you then I might was well use my high quality speakers instead!!!

Returned to Shop next day.


September 23, 2014, 9:18 am

Nice but I think the 518 is better

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