Cowon J3 Deals

Andrew Williams

By Andrew Williams



April 16, 2011, 10:48 am

Don't like the interface? Replace it. It's all flash based. Tons of different user interfaces are available for download by some extremely talented people and it is simple as copying a file to your player. And after you learn the basics, it's very easy to get around in the player. The battery life blows away everything else out there. I use my player at work regularly and it's usually at 75%-50% by the end of the week. It's rare for somebody to see me at work without my headphones on. I don't think I ever had it come close to it dying on me at work. Once you stop screwing with it every five minutes because you just bought it and just let it sit in your pocket while it plays music, you will notice a huge difference. I looped a single mp3 over and over until it died soon after I got the player just to test the battery. I got very close to their stated 64 hours. One of the reasons I bought the player is because I can drag and drop my XVid and DivX videos from my desktop on to the player with no re-encoding. So video support is not a problem for me. This is not an iPod Touch competitor. It's not a pocket computer. You want apps? Go buy a smartphone. You actually care about how your music sounds? You get Cowon. There is no way this is a 7/10 player. It sounds way too amazing and the screen is way too beautiful and responsive to get such a low score. PS The iOS interface annoys me to no end, but sadly you can't replace it with anything better.

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