Casio Exilim TRYX EX-TR100 video review

Audley Jarvis



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Overall, the Casio TRYX is a bold attempt to provide something a bit different. While we applaud this, we do have concerns with the price and the digital zoom. At £250 the TRYX has to compete against some fairly high-spec compacts with superior zoom lenses and better overall image quality. Perhaps if the TRYX was closer to £150 than £250 Casio might have a winner on its hands. As it stands we’re not so sure.

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March 19, 2014, 4:15 pm

I bought this camera 3 years ago. After my stroke, I lost use of my right hand. It is the only camera I found to date that allows one hand, left hand operations with ease and efficiency. the cons of the camera i find are: 1) very poor battery life AND the inability to put a spare battery when the first one runs out of juice and 2) no built in flash

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