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By Cliff Smith



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You'll have to move fast to survive in the post-apocalypse world, and unfortunately there's nothing nitrous-injected about the EX-G1's performance. Its start-up time of around 2.5 seconds isn't too bad, but its shot-to-shot time in single shot mode is over four seconds, which is really pretty slow. In continuous shooting mode it isn't much faster, managing a shot every 3.4 seconds. It also has a 3fps high-speed continuous shooting mode, but only at 2MP resolution.

As usual Casio's autofocus system is fast, accurate and reliable, and works well in low light. The white LED shooting lamp provides enough illumination to allow focusing at a range of at least four metres, which is pretty good. The built-in flash is considerably more powerful than the official specifications would indicate. I found that it had no problem illuminating a room at a range of four metres, with a fast recharge time of less than five seconds after a full-power flash.

Image quality too is far from disappointing. The lens does produce some barrel distortion at wide angle, but not enough to be considered a problem. Sharpness is generally good right across the frame, but there is some chromatic aberration towards the edges. Dynamic range isn't brilliant, but it is no worse than average for a 12MP compact. The exposure system does have a tendency to over-expose high contrast shots, which does at least improve shadow detail. Colour rendition does sometimes lack a little saturation for the same reason.

The biggest surprise is high ISO noise control, which is actually pretty good. The G1 produces good image quality at 400 ISO, and even at 800 ISO it retains a fair amount of detail and colour rendition remains consistent. It only really breaks down at 1600 and the maximum 3200 ISO, but this is the case with most compact cameras.


Despite its unconventional appearance the Exilim EX-G1 is actually a very competent adventure camera with class-leading shock protection. It's a bit light on advanced features and the performance could be better, but it is easy to use and the image quality is much better than expected.

red hot sheep

March 19, 2010, 10:51 pm

Should have got it in red!


March 20, 2010, 5:11 pm

I had to join up to comment on how inconsistent your digital camera reviews can be. This one for the EX-G1 glosses over some flaws worth mentioning - chromatic aberration in the corners of some pics - and refers to some of the high ISO pics as noisy where you would heap praise on those same results from similar cameras as being relatively clean. If it seemed like (or you stated) that you were taking other factors into consideration when making these judgements then they would seem as random. But they do. I've read probably 75 or 100 of your digital camera reviews over the last several years and this is definitely a problem. You're not as bad as Steve's for publishing useless camera reviews, but you're not far off.


March 20, 2010, 6:46 pm

very strange

I have read several reviews of this camera

2 opposed perspective

some said the image quality is good,above average

some said the image quality is very bad。。。


March 21, 2010, 12:25 am

... presumably in this post apocalyptic wasteland the electricity boards will still be generating electricity to charge the batteries for this "ruggedised" Casio...? I shall have my Nikon FM with me post Tuesday 30th March with some rolls of 35mm film... then wait for things to settle down a tad.....!


September 13, 2011, 2:39 am

Had to sign up on this site to let everyone know to avoid this camera like the plague!! I bought one for its "waterproof" capabilities and took it to Hawaii. One snorkelling trip and it was toast. Went the rest of the trip using my Iphone for pics. Got back to Vancouver and couldn't find the receipt so I bought a second one planning to use that receipt to warranty my first one. Then the second one had a very essential tiny screw fall out so the hold side of the camera that little dial is on opened up (that little dial is too easy to hit by the way and opens the door for the card and cable possibly exposing it to water) The "waterproof" sealing techniques are terrible and feel really loose. Just open the card door and you'll see what i mean. Even when its closed tight it has play.

So i just got both cameras back from warranty and i took one tubing in the river yesterday and its toast already!!!

NEVER buy this camera! And I will never buy a Casio product again!

Off to spread the word...

Nite Sky

September 12, 2014, 6:44 pm

Soooo i got one of these in 2010 i think? easter of 2010, best camera i ever bought. It endured 3 years of highschool, many vacations, snorkeling, pool side adventures, tripps to the beach paint parties, foam parties, being dropped, bumped into all kinds of things, being in the cold while snowboarding, being on a surf board. And took amazing photos. it wasnt till my spring semester of college that one of the the part where the on off switch, picture button, feel off while i was in the pool. where i proceeded to cover it with tape and still use it in the water and it still worked! i was astonished :) it was the best camera i had. I miss it. My sister gave me hers, but i dont have a charger anymore for it, so i have to order one so i can start using it. I'm absolutely psyched, this new one will be ussed to capture my fall 2014-2015 year of college, and the raves and music festivals i intend to attend!

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