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Michael Gunner

January 10, 2013, 5:15 pm

So, the question begs - what is the point? I don't know about iPads, but I own a Nexus 10 and the sound is decent enough. For £80, this has got to offer a significant improvement over the current sound quality otherwise it's a complete waste of time, it's just another stand, albeit a slightly fancy one.

IMHO this brings about one of the critical faults of Kickstarter - it allows joe public to decide a product is fit for market, and joe public are not really qualified to do so, and this is allowing sub par products to get into the market without undergoing the same testing and scrutiny that other commercial products are subjected to.

I had a browse yesterday and there's a project for a egg yolk separator. The worst thing is, the entire function of the product can be replicated perfectly with a throwaway plastic bottle. Completely laughable junk. Don't get me wrong there's the occasional good idea but most of it is bunk.

Jack Chamberlain

January 10, 2013, 7:16 pm

Not sure you can throw that criticism at Kickstarter. Surely joe public are the perfect people to decide whether a product is fit for (joe) public consumption. The public gets what the public wants and the manufacturer makes a few quid, everyone's happy. If joe public helps to kickstart an inferior product then it's their own fault; it's their money. No skin off our backs.

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