Canon S120 Deals

By Cliff Smith


Brian O'Neill

November 26, 2013, 10:49 am

Amazon had the rx100 on sale last night for £292. I was a canon man for years but switched to a sony rx100 and a nex 5, the quality is amazing. I would recommend sony cameras to any buyer.


December 11, 2013, 11:16 am

Why Canon did not add Wireless Remote control ? I think it is a must features.
I hope next version will have wireless remote control + Bigger Sensor size. so it can compete with Sony RX 100. faster lens on Tele also good, and also add better handling.


January 19, 2014, 8:43 pm

If your considering this you also need to look at the Panasonic LF1, no touchscreen but has an electronic viewfinder and better f2, 7.1x lens in a smidgen smaller package. Also about £100 less price tag!

Person chap

September 30, 2014, 4:38 pm

If Cliff says it's good, I'll buy it. Simple as that. The last Panasonic Lumix he suggested was the best camera I ever owned and I am struggling to find something as small and high quality to replace it with. Hope the S120 is it!


October 5, 2014, 5:37 pm

Now you can buy the G7x. It has all you want!

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