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Canon PowerShot SX130 IS - Test shots: ISO performance

By Gavin Stoker



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Canon PowerShot SX130 IS


Our Score:


A selection of images taken at the camera's incremental light sensitivity settings, using only available daylight.



With the SX130 IS's Auto ISO setting selected, the camera has opted for an ISO400 equivalent setting to deliver a clean, clear and crisp image.


We're at the lowest manually selectable setting of ISO80, and as expected there's no noise to report yet.


The same is true of ISO100.


Same lack of noise to report at ISO200, so the camera is performing as we would expect at this level.


Moving up to ISO400 and, again, hardly any discernible difference in terms of noise, even when close up on shadow detail.


Noise is becoming more pronounced when examining shadow detail at ISO800, but overall it's not too distracting.


An incremental softening of detail and increase in noise at ISO1600, as is to be expected. Having said that we'd argue that the image is still usable at this setting.


...And so we've tried shooting our test image with Low Light mode selected, which effects an image resolution drop. That's partly responsible for a cleaner and brighter looking image overall, even if the size of the image is just under 400k.


Tom MacFarlane

February 8, 2011, 5:09 pm

I was stupid enough to sell the excellent SX110 IS in favour of the upgrade SX120 IS.

It took me some to time to find out why I was bittgerly disappointed with the upgrade: Canon had removed the Super Fine compression setting.

It has not re-appeared!

John Z

February 9, 2011, 7:15 am

What a fantastic camera, the Sx130 obtains exactly the same 8/10 as the G12,

in both performance and image quality !

How that kind of situation may be possible ?

Does anybody agree that the Sx130 has exactly the same performance and image quality as the G12 ?

Or does everybody agree that the G12 HAS TO OBTAIN 9/10 in both performance and image quality ?


February 12, 2011, 1:29 am

Well said, Evilpaul. The whole purpose, and the whole problem, of reviews is that they must be relevant to the typical potential client. If they only relate to the reviewer's personal ideas of perfection they are worthless. The effort here is commendable. Even so I don't understand from where that overall score came.


April 28, 2011, 5:20 pm

Even in it's price bracket though, I would hope to achieve images that are sharper than those in this review, they are very soft. This seems to be a trend in current compacts where attempts at controlling noise ends up with nasty flat pictures. Too many pixels crammed into such a tiny sensor doesn't seem to yield great results.

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