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Canon PowerShot G12 - Test shots: Detail and Lens Performance

By Gavin Stocker


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A more general selection of unadjusted test shots are revealed on this page and next to act as an evaluation of the PowerShot G12 in a variety of shooting conditions.


With the G12 providing the opportunity to get as close as 1cm to your subject, this macro shot reveals plenty of detail and pleasingly natural colour, even if, to be picky, we could do with it being a tad more pin sharp overall.


By contrast a wideangle hand held shot with the Canon's Miniature mode selected, which apes the effect of a specialist tilt and shift lens. This reduces the amount of the image in focus to a narrow central band and blurring the rest so it appears this building is as if a toy on a model diorama. It can work well if used in moderation.


Another 28mm equivalent wide angle shot, here with Vivid 'My Colors' mode selected to add punch to the blues and greens of the landscape. We've got evidence here of converging verticals/barrel distortion evidenced at the edge of frame.


Wideangle again, but any barrel distortion here much better hidden by the framing. Again, not as sharp as we'd see from a DSLR with subject specific lens, but with the Constable-like location, a softer more painterly effect suits this composition fairly well. If there's a grumble it's that we're getting some purple fringing on the tree branches centre, top of frame.


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