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Canon PIXMA MX435 - Performance and Verdict

By Simon Williams



Our Score:


Canon rates the PIXMA MX435 at 9.7ppm for black and 5.5ppm for colour and in our tests we got somewhere near the black print speed, recording 7.9ppm on the 5-page print and 8.1ppm on the 20-page test.

Colour print didn't get anywhere near the stated figure, though, as the machine kept pausing (for just under 15s) for all pages but the first. We assumed this was drying time for the dye-based colour inks, though it's not a problem we've hit before with Canon printers. We repeated the test and got consistent results, so can only state a speed of 1.8ppm for colour print, which is very slow.

Canon PIXMA MX435 - Open

Copy times of 30s for a single colour page and 1:09 for five-pages from the ADF aren't spectacular, either - when compared with the PIXMA MX420, for example, which took 22s and 58s respectively for the same tests. Similar differences came through when we printed 15 x 10cm photos, which took 53s in normal print mode and 1:38 at highest quality on the PIXMA MX435.

The print samples came through well, with crisp, clean black text and unblemished, if slightly pallid, colours on plain paper. Draft print mode is noticeably paler than normal mode and saves very little print time. Photo prints, as always, are among the best we see, with cleanly defined detail in bright and dark areas of images.

Canon PIXMA MX435 - Cartridges

The two cartridges are available in standard and high yield versions, with the higher yield variants offering 600 pages of black and 400 pages of colour. You may lose some economy by not having separate colour cartridges, but this will depend on the balance of the cyan, magenta and yellow inks in the colour pages you print. We calculate costs at 3.7p for an ISO black page and 7.8p for ISO colour. Both costs are pretty typical for a machine in this price range.


An all-in-one with ADF, fax and the ability to print and scan via a front panel USB port would normally set you back £100 or more, so the Canon PIXMA MX435 looks like something of a bargain. However, extended colour print times and an awkward paper tray configuration count against this, so it doesn't quite have the feature set and performance of others in the range.

R.C. Anderson,PhD,ACB

April 16, 2013, 8:15 pm

I LIKE IT! Just bought it a week ago. Replaces an HP all in one which continually jammed and didn't feed paper as it should. The main reason I got this one is only one black and one colour cartridge. I hate the ones with four or more cartridges to deal with.
It prints beautifully albeit a little slow, but being for home use its just fine.
Hope it continues to satisfy.


May 21, 2013, 2:03 am

I've been through a few of the cheaper budget models and found them to be exactly that, budget price=budget quality. However, this printer shines in comparison, cheap to buy, cheap to run, excellent print quality and scanning. Really wish l hadn't wasted so much time buying cheap n nasty and just moved on to this one. Yes. it's slow to boot up and switch off, yet for the low price n high quality l'm willing to take that burn. No card reader but that's just merely an issue for me as my other computer based card readers have corpsed on me. Meh :P


July 24, 2014, 5:11 pm

I have bad experiences of this printer. It can't feed paper, both ink-cartiges was empty after just about 30 normal prints. The colour-quality is very low, and the printer refuses to print in black/white, even though the option is choosen. Now the printer gives a "empty"-warning for a new black cartringe i just put in, and refuses to print at all. Don't buy it.

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