Canon PIXMA MP270 - All-in-One Inkjet Printer - Feature Table

By Simon Williams



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Martin Daler

April 25, 2010, 12:38 pm

price as reviewd £39.99, latest price from TR Shopping £114.50

What is going on?


April 25, 2010, 1:32 pm

Stunning printer for the price.

At this price point though, is it even worth changing the ink? The ink will cost around £30!!

Geoff Richards

April 25, 2010, 5:03 pm

@Martin - apologies. Glitch in the feed from Amazon meant it was indexing the wrong model. Now fixed.

@Prem - a few years ago, that would've been the case. However, these days manufacturers have cottoned on to this tactic and often ship "starter" cartridges with the printers, which have less capacity than full, retail carts.

Think of printers a bit like a mobile phone contract or games console purchase i.e. the true cost of the hardware is masked by the subsidising of the upfront cost in favour of making it back from consumables.


April 25, 2010, 8:36 pm

Doesnt this Loss-leader method fall down a bit if everyone buys Tesco cartridges. I'm not sure if generic cartridges pay a royalty to the printer manufacturer that they fit, perhaps someone could tell me, but I would suggest printer manufs must make at least a nominal profit on the devices themselves.


May 3, 2010, 1:26 pm

re starter cartridges. HP are very smart here in a corporate, blood-sucking way.

The starter cartridges they supply have just about enough ink to print a couple of test pages, and have to be the first cartridges you use in the printer (for 'ink calibration purposes' - wtf?) and you can't use used ones from another printer.

I found this out when replacing a HP printer; I already had a supply of HP cartridges and it was cheaper to find a compatible printer than to start again on a new system. I wanted to finish off the barely used cartridges from my old broken HP printer in my new HP printer.

No chance... On the phone HP support told me this was to ensure I had the best ever, high quality, life affirming, amazing printing experience ever. I won't write down what my reply was to that, except to say that the call finished soon after and I wasn't invited to take part in a customer satisfaction survey.

Robert Bayer

May 6, 2013, 5:44 am

My printer is a Canon Pixus MP270. It has a built in scanner which we have used
a dozen times in the 2 years we have owned it. It had been working well until
recently we got a P2 error code which means the scanner unit needs to be
replaced. My wife talked to the Canon tech support but they said we would have
to send it into their company for repair to replace the scanner unit for about
$80. I could care less if the scanner ever worked again. I just want to use the
printer but as long as the scanner is out, there is the error code. After some
research, I found out off the Internet that if you reset the printer using this
procedure, that there would be a chance the printer would work: 1. Turn off printer.2. retaining button
Stop/Reset (red triangle in the circle) press button POWER - indicator it will
light up with green color.

3. let go button Stop/Reset, continuing to
hold POWER.

4. press button Stop/Reset 2 times, while
holding POWER button, after which you will let go all buttons.

5. when indicator is lit BY Solid GREEN -
press Stop/Reset 4 times! (this is the key)

6.turn off printer by POWER button, then
turn on.

7. You should be set. If it didn't work,
try it again, slowly. It WILL work.

I also hit the TOOL Button to put the paper
selection to "1".

The result of doing all this, after also
reinstalling the driver, pulling out the power cord for over a minute and
cleaning the scanner glass, is that I was able to get the error code off and
the green light to stay on steady with a reading of "A" but when I
tried to print a file, the computer said the printer was OFFLINE. I have
tried all of this dozens of times, reinstalling the drivers and what not .. but
the end is always there .. printer is offline. I think it is possible that when
the error code condition like this one occurs (REPLACE SCANNER UNIT), that the
LOGIC UNIT locks in and keeps the printer OFFLINE so it cannot do anything and
thus will force the owner to either buy a new printer or get it serviced.

anyone have any suggestion at all? Much appreciation if you can.

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