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Canon PIXMA MG3550
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Our Score:



  • Easy paper loading
  • Good software bundle
  • Easy print from smartphone


  • No LCD or LED display
  • Large footprint when running
  • Tri-colour cartridge can increase waste

Key Features

  • AirPrint and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Duplex print as standard
  • Twin-cartridge design gives easy maintenance
  • 4,800dpi photo print
  • Auto power-on
  • Manufacturer: Canon
  • Review Price: £50.00

What is the Canon PIXMA MG3550?

It used to be quite unusual to find an inkjet printer for under £50, but these days there are several complete all-in-ones in this bracket and the PIXMA MG3550 is Canon's latest offering. Intended for the home or student customer, it offers basic print, scan and copy, but also include wireless support and direct print from several mobile device platforms.

Canon PIXMA MG3550 - Design and Features

We reviewed the all-black version of the machine, though white is available too and, according to the Canon product gallery, a bright red one might be in the offing. Whatever the colour, they're neat boxes with rounded vertical edges and surprisingly small footprints.

Canon PIXMA MG3550

That’s when the printer’s closed up. When you open it up for work, the so-called 'fast-front' design, which may be fast, roughly doubles the space the machine takes on the desk. The front cover folds down to become the paper feed tray and the same tray is used for both plain and photo paper – though not at the same time.

An internal telescopic tray folds down on top, to take the pages or photos you print, but the end of these pages is supported by a paper stop which swings out of the front edge of the feed tray, a slightly convoluted approach.

The controls are set into the top panel of the PIXMA MG3550 and are pretty minimal, with LEDs to indicate power, wireless connection and ink and paper status. There's no LED copy counter, let alone an LCD display, and you're left to the Windows or OSX driver for most functions. There's a button sequence you can use to establish a wireless connection through WPS setup, though.

Canon PIXMA MG3550 - Controls

Fold down the front panel, which is behind the flip-down output tray, which is itself behind the flip-down feed tray and you gain access to the twin ink/head cartridges, one black and the other tri-colour. These slide into place, with click-to-close bars holding them in place. A single cartridge with cyan, magenta and yellow inks can be wasteful, if you print images with a surfeit of particular primaries.

Canon's software bundle is good for a budget machine and includes the company's desktop pop-up, to display images and show printer driver and printing statistics. Since it installs automatically, though, it's a good job you can remove it, if it irritates.

Prem Desai

January 6, 2014, 1:48 pm

I'm a big fan of Canon printers having owned a few, but getting bored now.

They do nothing new, look as ugly as ever and Canon just keep introducing new ink cartridges to screw us out of more money.

If you bought 3 different models, they would all use different ink cartridges (I am excluding specialist cartridges) which is a huge waste of money.

Canon is not alone in doing this.


March 17, 2014, 10:23 am

Bought a MG3550 in red for my office because I had used an IP4300 for years giving good service but it did not have photo copy. That machine downloaded no problem on Mac.
A word of WARNING. If you are about to buy a MG3550 for a Mac OSX lion, the instal disc that comes with the 3550 ONLY works on Windows so you have to go on line and instal from a Canon download. The problem is that the new 3550 is not recognised by Mac if over a year old in there drop down printer recognition so you have to go into Mac and instal a driver for 3550 because the canon driver fails to find and load.
This problem took us two days to sort out, in the end we had to ask a friendly computer Wiz to work out how to instal it.
Not very friendly to instal if you have a Mac but it works very once installed well giving clear crisp print and copy but the photo needed playing with to get it sharper.
Would recommend this machine, it looks good and works well once installed.

Rafael Vieira

May 11, 2014, 7:14 am

Stupid printer. Comes without USB cable and the Wifi installation DOES NOT WORK. In MAC or in PC. Waste of money.


June 23, 2014, 4:08 pm

Why is the set-up and subsequent usage soooooo difficult?!
I expect there to be ONE button for scanning and not a maze of random buttons, settings, hidden options and time-wasting uselessness.
The set-up itself was so complicated, the printer wasn't recognised by my computer, then a bunch of useless banners/picture shows/gadgets/floating buttons on desktop were installed, but trying to find the option you need takes a Sherlock Holmes to find.
expected so much better from Canon. I'm rather good with computers, but this printer is overly-complicated, I just wanted TWO buttons: print and scan. Instead I got a ton of useless garbage, which angers me to no end.


July 24, 2014, 10:54 am

This machine absolutely drinks the ink up. I have only had the printer for a few weeks and have done hardly any printing but have already put in two new black cartidges and am about to put in the second new colour cartidge, and these are XL cartridges. There is no way I could have printed all of the items mentioned on the test chart above with just one set of ink cartridges. I am very disappointed with this printer, eventhough it was cheap. I would advise people not to waste their money on it.


January 7, 2015, 5:40 pm

Recommend do NOT purchase UNLESS you are guaranteed that the machine/s will not be subjected to the so-called U052 error. Please research "dreaded U052 error" and note that Canon has not reimbursed, repaired for free nor do they assist buyers in correcting the issue (as evidenced per 74 page forum on their site). Note also the users calling for class action lawsuit in this regard.

My Printer Ink

June 1, 2015, 10:05 am

I am using this MG3550 which works perfectly for Windows 8 or imac but it is quicker to response on imac for the print and less problem for reinstalling when driver could get frequnetly glitched. I am using remanufactued PG540XL & CL541XL which saves me 60% of the cost and it cost me only £8 rather than replacing with OEM cartridges.

Mark Powell

January 26, 2016, 11:34 am

Mine stopped feeding paper. It's only printed a couple of pages a week and 7 months later I'm returning it. The software bundle isn't a pro either, I hate the bloatware that comes with these, and installing only the drivers seems riddled with errors and the program crashed several times during installation. I bought accidental damage cover from my supplier and took great joy in accidentally kicking this piece of c**p across the room.

Mark Powell

January 26, 2016, 11:36 am

Iv'e just read a few of the other reviews. Most of them hit the nail on the head. Expected a lot more from Canon.

HJ Kim

July 12, 2016, 1:18 pm

Simply shit. DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER. Had it for a few months, fails to recognise papers every fucking time. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS.

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